Guiding Questions

Location Information Collector- surveys the location of a college.
1.  Can you easily access the downtown?
2.  Do you have some particular interests in American culture? How can you explore your interests: clubs, organizations, etc?
3.  Do you want a high or low ratio of international students on campus?

College Life Information Collector- looks at college life such as the reputation of cafeterias, club activities, events and so on.
1.  What types of campus housing are you expecting?
2.  What kind of activities/clubs are you going to join in college?
3.  What kind of facilities does the college have? (e.g., libraries, cafeterias, sports gyms, and bookstores)

Major Information Collector- looks into curricula of the majors in the colleges.
1.  Does the college have unique classes? What are they?
2.  What is the average class size?
3.  Are the programs you are interested in accredited?

Here are web sites you visit.

American Universities

Peterson's "Colleges & Universities"

Study in the U.S.A. "find a program" "America's Best Colleges 2003"
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