Preposition Exercise

The following passages are from Saint Michael's College Web site. you will practice preposition usage with this exercise. It is useful for your presentation in order to introduce your best college. Fill in each blank with a correct preposition. Write the answer on an extra paper. Check your answer by clicking "answer" at the bottom of this page. Submit your score to the teacher.

Saint Michael's offers strong programs 1.___________ more than two dozen major areas 2._____________ the liberal arts and sciences.  3._____________ Saint Michael's, you'll take part in a highly regarded education that doesn't just prepare you 4._____________  a job, but also for a profession  and for life.  No matter what your major -and it can be anything from accounting and journalism to history and English- required liberal arts courses give you a foundation 5.____________ the skills that virtually all professions demand: thinking clearly, speaking articulately, writing 6._____________ a coherent and compelling manner, and presenting (and following) an argument.  In addition to your liberal arts courses, you'll have plenty of chances to test your knowledge 7.______________the real world, through internship, field study, and semesters abroad, as well as opportunity 8.____________ hands-on work 9.____________ your major field. And if you enjoy the great outdoors, there's no place like Saint Michael's. Throughout the year, living in Vermont means enjoying clean air, friendly people, and all kinds of outdoor fun. 10.______________ the lake, on the slopes, and 11.____________the cozy cafes of Burlington (Vermont's largest city), you'll discover why this part of the world is the recipient of numerous quality-of-life awards and is one of America's most popular year-round destinations. Bring your skis, your skates, or your sailboard-and be ready 12.______________- a wonderful time. For serious study and serious fun, join us 13.____________ Saint Michael's.

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