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      In American College Tour, students will be able to choose the best college to attend in the United States.  This WebQuest is designed for advanced students learning in an English institute in Japan (EFL).   All of our 12 students are Japanese university students who want to study in American universities.  They recently learned how to skim and scan as reading strategies in order to get useful information.  In addition, the students learned how to write summary and comparison/contrast essays and how to give presentations.  They possess basic computer literacy: Internet browsers, word processing, PowerPoint, and e-mail exchange.   In this lesson, the students will improve their research skills on the Internet and be able to manage the information in the real world, working collaboratively in a small group.   The group work will make students share and negotiate the information with classmates.   Reading college guide books and brochures and browsing the Internet will reinforce their skimming and scanning abilities.  Students will also write summary and comparison/contrast essays and finally make a PowerPoint presentation about the college chosen in their group.
   In the previous computer activities, students learned
PowerPoint 2002 Tutorial
and read
"What Students are Saying"
(interviews of the students who studied in colleges in the U.S.)

   In this lesson, our students spend 90 minutes in the classroom or the computer lab three days a week.  
Content Objectives
  Students will be able to:
   # Manage information in real life in order to select appropriate college for one's personal needs.
   # Make decisions to choose one among several options.
   # Negotiate orally through group discussion.

Cultural Objectives
   Students will:
   # Learn about geography, weather, local-cultural aspects in America.
   # Become familiar with American academic convention.
   # Work collaboratively with group members.

Language Objectives
   Students will:
   # Demonstrate their ability to write a summary and comparative/contrastive essay.
#Learn how to use preposition by answering cloze questions.
   # Acquire and produce oral presentation skills.

   Computer Literacy Objectives

   Students will be able to:
   # Navigate the Internet through a given list of web sites.
   # Use PowerPoint to make a presentation about the best college they have chosen.
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