The Structure of an American Essay

Please choose the correct letter of the phrases from the three options. Write your answer on an extra paper.  Check your answer by clicking the "answer" at the bottom of this page. Submit your score to the teacher.

1. The writer tells a story, usually arranging details chronologically.

       a. narration     b. process analysis     c. definition

2. The writer relates to the reader what she sees, hears, tastes, feels, and smells. The details are carefully arranged so that a particular impression is made.

       a. description     b. definition     c. compare and contrast

3. The writer describes a sequence of steps necessary to a process. These steps are arranged chronologically.

       a. division and classification     b. process analysis     c. narration

4. The writer considers the meaning of certain words or ideas. The writer structures this kind of essay primarily with illustrations that make this definition clear.

       a. definition     b. summary     c. cause and effect

5. The writer distills only the most essential points of someone else's work.

       a. description     b. summary     c. narration

6. The writer finds similarities and/or differences between topics.

       a. definition     b. process analysis     c. compare and contrast

7. The writer explains why something happened, or the influence of one event upon another.

       a. division and classification     b. cause and effect     c. summary

8. The writer groups ideas, or events into categories.

       a. narration     b. summary     c. division and classification

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