This lesson will be two weeks long. The class will meet for five 45-minute periods over the two weeks for work to get done during class. The class will have 3 days outside of class between the final work day in class and presentation day to bring all of the work together.


  • Students will be broken into groups of three where each member will select to be one of the designated roles. Group selection will depend upon academic level, computer knowledge and skills, content interest, etc.
  • Students will go to and evaluate the pre-selected web sites to see if they are valid and reliable.
  • During this process, they will complete the appropriate section of the website evaluation form (one section for each role).
  • Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation and report their findings.


    DAY 1:   The class will be divided into groups of three and  the lesson will be introduced (all handouts/rubrics will be passed out).  Each group will select 3 of the pre-selected web sites and begin reviewing them.

    DAY 2:   The class will go to the computer lab and each group will work together to complete the web site evaluation form for each of the 3 selected sites.


    DAY 3:   The class will continue evaluating their selected websites and finish the website evaluation form.


    DAY 4:   The teacher will review the expectations of the presentation.  Then each group will work together to create the PowerPoint presentation (the rest of the PowerPoint will be completed as homework by the students there will be 3 days in between day 4 and day 5).


    DAY 5: Each group will present their findings orally to the class using their PowerPoint as a prompt. In other words, take the class through the PowerPoint using your own words. Don't dictate word for word the entire slideshow. The whole class will provide feedback to each group after the presentations.


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