This lesson was developed as part of a CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) class at St. Michael's College. After some experience working with computers and assisting students in their work, this lesson appeared to present a valid topic that needed to be addressed to students and teachers. Many students seem to think that while searching for information on the Web, anything they find on a topic is exact fact, when in reality this is not the case. Therefore, this lesson is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to understand how to evaluate the validity of a web site. They will examine three web sites from different roles or perspectives. As a collaborative group they will share their findings and determine which sites provide the best information for proving their validity. Final group findings will be presented to the class using Microsoft PowerPoint.

    As the teacher, there are also certain tasks that need to be accomplished before the lesson can begin: 


The following objectives will also be covered and focused on throughout the WebQuest:

Content Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to evaluate a web site by:
  Gathering relevant information from a website.
  Recognizing where to locate sponsored groups or individuals of a site.
  Determining which websites provide useful and factual data.



Computer Literacy Objectives

By the end of the lesson students will be able to demonstrate their computer literacy skills by:
  Navigating the Internet using a mouse, a keyboard, and an Internet browser.
  Completing a website evaluation in a word processor.
  Presenting their finished work using a presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint).


Cultural/Social Objectives


  Students will be able to demonstrate successful social skills by working in a group throughout the lesson.
  Students will be able to share their new knowledge by presenting their finished work to the other students in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow.

Academic Objectives

At the conclusion of the lesson, students will:
&  Understand how the Internet can be a valuable tool in their research.
&  Be able to share their new knowledge with the class in a PowerPoint presentation that includes all of the website evaluation criteria on the evaluation worksheet.
  Students must follow the lesson rubric handout for successful sharing.

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