The Task

To begin your task, you will be placed into groups of three. Once your group has been established, each person in your group will take on a role. You may decide amongst yourselves who will take which role. They are as follows:


Content Expert
You are responsible for evaluating the purpose, scope, and accuracy of sites.


Website Detective
Your responsibility is to evaluate the authority and currency of the sites.


Technical Agent
You're responsible for evaluating the usability and technical aspects of the sites.


When you've decided on your roles, you will then go to three of following pre-selected websites and evaluate them to see if they are valid and reliable.

Evaluating Websites Pages (criteria for sites):

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:
or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources

Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools
Teacher Helpers: Critical Evaluation Guide
Quality Information Checklist

Example Sites (pick three):

Mankato, Minnesota Home Page
The Onion
Dihydrogen Monoxide
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consumer Reports Online
USA Today
Roget's Thesaurus


Here are the questions you will use to form your conclusions:

What is the goal of the site?
Does it achieve the goal?
Is the site relevant to you?
Can the information be checked?
Is the site current?
Is the site biased?
Does the site offer different view points/choices?

You must then complete the appropriate section of the website evaluation form (one section for each role). You will also conclude by creating a final PowerPoint presentation to report your findings to the class.  For extra points you may complete this word search.

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