There are people out there who have been posting invalid and unreliable sites on the Web! If this continues, the internet will never be a reliable place to gather information. Something needs to be done to figure out how to prevent false information from getting into your papers and projects at school. It's your job to solve this problem by working with your classmates.

Are all websites fact? You need to determine what factors make a website legitimate. As you visit different sites, you'll need to decide whether or not they're valid and reliable or if there's a lot of information not presented. As you all take on a different role to evaluate the sites, you'll need to collaborate together as a team to come up with a culminating conclusion about each website.

This is an important task that will benefit everyone who uses the internet. That's why you'll present your findings to the class at the end so we can all take the valuable skills you learned about validity and use them ourselves.

You know what you have to do. Good Luck in your quest to find the websites which are taking advantage of students who don't know what to look for while searching the internet. You're all up to the challenge!

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