At the end of the lesson, you will turn in the website review sheet and present your results using a PowerPoint presentation. Each group will also hand in a copy of the lesson rubric evaluating themselves and their completed work. Your final grade will be an average of the final assessment based on the lesson rubric, presentation rubric and your summative grade determined by the rubric.

4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
(website evaluation sheet)
Groups showed their ability to effectively gather website information, organize it in their review sheet, and determine which sites were valid.
For the most part, group members gathered website information and had an organized review sheet which may have had 1-2 missing components.
Review sheet showed little organization. It wasn’t always certain which sites were valid.
The review sheet shows no organization or proof that website information has been gathered.
Group members exhibited a strong, fluent knowledge of computer skills using all software and the Internet.
Groups mostly had a strong knowledge of technology skills, being able to use the designated programs but with some aid.
Group members showed minimal computer skills.
Computer skills are not apparent during class time or the presentation.
Cultural Social
Presentation to peers was clear and concise showing what was learned. Group members always collaborated well together expressing differing points of view and accepting criticism.
The group provided a concise presentation to peers showing good use of collaboration with one another. Most criticism was accepted.
For the most part, members of the group were productive and responded well to peer criticism.
Class presentation was not clear and it was not evident what was learned. Group members did not function well together.
Each group clearly demonstrates their understanding of the Internet as a research tool.
The group demonstrated some understanding of the Internet functioning as a research tool.
Knowledge gained is not clearly apparent. There is a lack of Internet understanding.
Not clear whether the group understands the Internet or obtained knowledge.
Organization of PPT
Information is organized in a clear, logical way. It is easy to anticipate the type of material that might be on the next slide.
Most information is organized in a clear, logical way. One slide or item seems out of place.
Some information is logically sequenced. An occasional card or item of information seems out of place.
There is no clear plan for the organization of information.


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