Computer and Information Security Topics

Textbook by Mark Stamp: Information Security (2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2011)

Course Objectives:

Information security relies on the art and craft of cryptography. You will learn how this technique can be applied to ensure the confidentiality of important information. (This course will cover both private and public cryptosystems.)

Hashing techniques will be explored: they are used to create a message authentication code that will guarantee the integrity of the information.

Authentication strategies (possibly employing digital signatures) will be investigated

Various and sundry computer security topics will be discussed as they relate to infiltration over the Internet, and abuse of the network itself.

Midterm Exam: March 7th (TH)                     35%

Final Exam: May 10th 3-5:30PM (T)            35%

Quizzes and Homework                                30%

Weeks #1-7 (Chapters 1-6) - First we will cover the basics of information security, with special emphasis on the science, art, and practice of cryptography, using a large collection of examples, outlining specific mechanisms from several different types of cryptosystems, many of which will not be in Stamp's book. These will include, but are not limited to: one-time pads, RSA, DES, AES, etc. Other topics for the first half of the semester include: cryptanalysis, digital signatures, stream and block ciphers, symmetric and asymmetric schemes, public key systems, and crypto-logically based hash functions.

Weeks 9-14 (Chapters 7-13) - Continue with the investigation of security, covering: some specific system and network security issues; authentication, authorization and privacy concerns; real world security protocols; e-voting; viruses, worms, and other forms of intrusion/software malfunctions; and various and sundry other related topics.

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