CS111 - Introduction to Computer Science I (in Java) � Fall Semester, 2017


Textbook - Starting out with Java: From Control Structures through Objects

by Tony Gaddis (5th edition) ISBN: 0-13-285583-6


First Exam (Oct. 2nd - Friday)                      15%                Homework and Weekly Quizzes               10%

Second Exam (Nov. 13th - Friday)             15%                Programming Assignments completed

Final Exam (Dec.16, 8-11AM, Wed.)  20%                            both inside and outside of lab       40%


Course Objectives: Students will learn how to program a digital computer using the programming language called Java. All the relevant declaration, conditional and looping statements will be covered so as to help facilitate the design, implementation, testing and debugging of a significant number of programs that will range from twenty to a hundred lines of Java code. Problem decomposition and program tracing will be emphasized as well to help the creation of software to complete the lab programming assignments and to demonstrate programming proficiency on quizzes and exams.


Preliminary Weekly Schedule of Topics and Reading Assignments


Week #1 (8/31/2015) - Chapter 1: Basic Computer Hardware, Algorithms, and Java essentials.


Week #2 (9/7) - Chapter 2: Elementary Java Constructs - variables, arithmetic operators, basic terms and statements, and input and output operations.


Week #3-4 (9/14,9/21) - Chapter 3:Conditional statements in Java; exam on 10/2 includes Chaps 1-3.


Week #5 (9/28) � Chapter 4: Using iteration statements within your program. (1st exam on Friday.)


Week #6 (10/5) � Finish chap. 4, start #5: Class methods, formal and actual parameter passing.


Weeks #7-8 (10/12 WF, 10/21) - We will also begin to cover some material on JApplets from Chapter 12 and 13 as well as sections 14.3-14.5; other relevant readings will be assigned as need be.


Week #9-10 (10/26, 11/2) - Chapter 7 (up to section 7.11): The array data structure.


Weeks #11-12 (11/19, 11/16) - Chapter 6: Designing/writing your own classes. Exam: 11/13(F).


Last 2 Weeks (11/30, 12/7) � Chapter 8: sections 8.1-8.4 & 8.8: advanced class design.Final Exam!


Typically, each week you will have one or two programs to complete, and some of these may be finished during the assigned lab time. Each program will be graded using the following criterion: how well it works, does it handle all possible cases, and how easy it is to read by someone else. Each program will have a specific due date, and any late program will be penalized 20% for every day that it is late, unless there are circumstances beyond your control. Please email ASAP if you are going to miss a class due to illness, etc.


After about the first few weeks of the semester, you will have been exposed to the desired programming style that you are expected to follow when creating your programs. This style will be emphasized when programs are written in class and may not follow exactly the programming style in our textbook. The most important point is that you should try to be consistent when following these programming guidelines � throughout the entire Java program.


            Prof. John A. Trono,            JeanMarie 267, phone - x2432                       JTrono@smcvt.edu

Office hours: MW 3-4pm, T 9-10:30AM & 1-3PM, TH 1-2pm, and by appointment.      


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