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Avg. 0.6 1.55 2.03
"=" 3 3 4
OBO 1 3 3




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Rewards agreed with both polls in that Duke and Kansas had earned the #1 and #2 positions, given their body of work during the regular season. In fact, the top 15 teams in the polls weren't scattered too far way from those same positions in Rewards' top 15, and Louisville moved up from #12 to #7 in the final Reward ranking after winning the NCAA tournament, but their 7 losses didn't allow Reward's formula to rate/rank them any higher. (NIT champion - Ohio State - moved up from #81 to #74, and likewise with their 14 losses.) Navy was given a #7 seed in the NCAA tournament, but the AP poll had them as the 17th best team before the tourney, and Rewards had them as #16; their two victories, especially over the second seeded #9 Syracuse Orangemen, helped to elevate them to #11 in the final Rewards ranking. Cleveland State - a #14 seed - also had two strong wins, over #3 seed (Indiana) and sixth seeded (St. Joseph's), which boosted them from #24 to #14. LSU, a #11 seed, reached the Final Four, and earned recognition as the #38 team, according to Rewards, up from #50, but again their 11 losses forced Rewards not to be able to move them up any higher in the rankings.

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