Top   5 10 15
Avg. 1.2 2.35 3.27
"=" 2 2 2
OBO 2 4 4




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Even though Louisville only received a #2 seed, they proved that they were as good as their #2 ranking as so designated by the AP sportswriters (and the Rewards system) by winning the NCAA tournament, which moved them ahead of #1 DePaul, who lost there first game to #8 seed - and NCAA Runnerup - UCLA; the Bruins moved up from #41 to #27 with those five wins, and both of these ranking improvements appeared in the final Rewards ranking. Rewards did place the top six teams in both polls in its own top six, with only a few subtle differences.

#10 seed Lamar's second tournament victory over the #1 seed (and #5 team in both polls) Oregon State aided their improvement from #73 to #59 in the post season Rewards ranking, and NIT Champion Virginia also moved up a few places: from #33 to #29. The sixth seeded Boilermakers of Purdue finished third nationally, after defeating Iowa in the Final Four consolation game, and they moved up four spots as well to #22, given their string of wins leading them into the Final Four. (Purdue did not make the UPI's top twenty, but they did receive the final spot - #20 - in the end of season AP poll.)

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