Top 5 10 15
Avg. 1.3 1.9 3.0
"=" 2 3 3
OBO 1 1 2




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Kentucky was #1 according to both polls and Rewards, and they won the NCAA tournament that year as well. The polls that came out before the post season began did not agree as much as usual, and Rewards thought more highly of Texas (#11) than either poll: #16 and #19 respectively. The Longhorns did win the NIT tournament, and moved up to #6 in the final Rewards poll, and surprisingly Kansas, who lost their opening round NCAA game to #2 UCLA, still improved from #13 to #11 in the final Rewards ranking since that loss did not "penalize" them as much as those other tournaments losses suffered by the teams Kansas leapfrogged over; likewise with Florida State, who lost in the first round to Kentucky, but moved up from #17 to #15. Not much else to report, other than Elite Eight Cal State Fullerton moved up from #62 to #52 with wins over #5/#4 New Mexico, and #20/#13 San Francisco, losing to #7/#6 Arkansas, which Rewards thought was the second best team that year - both before and after the tournaments were held.

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