Top 5 10 15 20
Avg. 1.2 2.4 2.9 2.68
"=" 3 3 3 4
OBO 0 0 1 2




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Rewards matched the top five teams in the polls fairly well, where NC State was #1 in both polls (and in the Rewards ranking) before the NCAA tournament, which they won, and tournament runner-up Marquette moved up from #10 to the #5 spot in the final Rewards ranking because of those four wins. NIT champion Purdue (17-9) was #11 in the AP, and was not ranked in the UPI's top 20, but was only #38 in the "before" Rewards ranking, and moved up to #25 after winning those 4 post season games. Indiana was #9 at the end of the "regular season" - according to all three "systems" - and the Hoosiers won the Collegiate Commissioner's Association Tournament (3 games) and moved up to #6 in the final Rewards ranking. Michigan was ranked #16 and #12 in the two polls, but Rewards ranked them as #6, which seemed to be closer to their true ability since the Wolverines "upset" then #2/#3 Notre Dame, and only lost by two to NCAA runner-up Marquette, and Michigan finished #4 in the final Rewards ranking.

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