Top 5 10 15
Avg. 2.2 3.1 4.33
"=" 1 1 1
OBO 2 2 3




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Rewards had four of the top five teams in the two 'human polls" in its own top five, albeit in a somewhat different order, though it thought more highly of #7 Marquette (ranking Al McGuire's team as the team who had the second best season up to that point) than either set of voters. Three of the top four teams in the polls did make it to the Final Four, with #10 Florida State being the other team. FSU was #13 in the Rewards ranking, and moved up to #9 after its run through the NCAAs, which was ended by UCLA in the championship game. Long Beach State's two NCAA wins moved it up to #6 (from #9) and that is where the coaches thought they should be, with the AP having them one place higher (#5) before the post season began. Maryland, #14 in the AP, and #11 in the UPI, moved up from the #8 position after its NIT championship to #5 (in the final Rewards ranking).

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