Top 5 10
Avg. 1.6 2.55
"=" 1 3
OBO 0 0

(The AP poll only listed their top 10.)



Table Legend

Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: The Rewards systems and both polls listed the same five teams as their top squads at the end of the 1964-65 season: Rewards simply found its #1 and #2 teams listed as #3 and #4 in both polls, and vice versa. (They all agreed Vanderbilt was #5.) Rewards correctly recognized NCAA tournament champion UCLA (#4 - according to Rewards - when the regular season was finished) as the #1 team once the Bruins won those four games, and NIT Champion St. John's also moved up from #32 to #25, though they, along with 5 other teams, received less than 4 votes in the UPI poll, so they didn't make the top 20 in the coaches' poll. (NIT consolation winner Army moved from #39 to #31 with its three wins.) Princeton ended up winning the consolation game in the 1965 Final Four, and Rewards moved them up from #19 to #12 after their four tourney wins.

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