Top 5 10
Avg. 1.0 2.4
"=" 1 2
OBO 3 3

 (The AP poll only listed their top 10 teams.)



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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Rewards placed six of the top ten teams within one position of where the pollsters thought they belonged, with only Loyola of Illinois being more than 5 spots from where they appeared in the polls after the 1963-64 regular season ended: Rewards had them ranked as #18, whereas they held the #8 spot in both polls. The second ten in the UPI were sprinkled through essentially the next 15 places in Reward's ranking, and only Arizona State, which had 10 losses and tied for 19th place in the UPI poll, was outside that range - #37 according to Rewards.

Duke moved up from #8 to #4 in the final Rewards ranking, after beating 3 opponents in the NCAA tournament before the Blue Devils lost to the undefeated and #1 UCLA Bruins, who won their first (of many to come) NCAA titles. Bradley, who won the NIT tournament, also moved up slightly from #9 to #7 in the final Rewards ranking, and surprisingly, at 20-6,  they weren't ranked in either poll; they did defeat Wichita State, who was #5 in the AP and #6 in the UPI polls, so it is a little unclear why they weren't voted into the UPI top 20 (at least).

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