Top 5 10
Avg. 2.5 2.95
"=" 2 3
OBO 0 1




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Rewards standings before the tournament games and after them.

Commentary: Undefeated Kentucky declined from playing in either post season tournament because several of their players were now graduate students and were therefore ineligible for post season play; however, they were still rankly highly in both polls. The coaches had Final Four USC (17-12) tied for 14th, whereas they were #22 in the AP poll, and Rewards put them as #50, which increased the disagreement average in the table above quite a bit, along with Seattle's #3 ranking according to Reward where they were #11 in the AP and tied for #17 in the UPI polls. (Seattle did lose its opening NCAA game, and slipped to #9 in the final Rewards ranking.) Bradley ended up as #7, and Penn State as #9 in the final AP poll that was conducted this particular year, but neither made either poll's top 20 before the NCAA tournament; both teams made the Final Four, but Rewards had Penn State at #32 before and #23 after the NCAAs, and Bradley went from #64 to #55, with their 12 losses not allowing Rewards to elevate them any higher than that. NCAA Champion LaSalle moved up from #15 to #7 in the Rewards ranking after winning it all; the AP had them as the #12 before the post season, after #2 thereafter, whereas they were #11 in the UPI poll taken before the post season. Holy Cross was originally #9 in both polls UPI, and they won the NIT, so Rewards moved them up from #4 to #2 and they were voted #3 in the post season AP.

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