In 2003, for the Mississippi - Oklahoma State contest, I incorrectly reversed the ratings for Jeff Sagarin's system, and so his system would have correctly predicted that Mississippi would win, as their ranking (#17) was better than Oklahoma State (#18). For the ranking published by the New York Times', I had Oregon as #30, when they were really listed as #24, and so they should have been favored over Minnesota (#28) and therefore, this does not count as a correct prediction for that system since Minnesota did win that game. For Peter Wolfe, I had Oregon as #24 (when it was listed as #30 for this system), so it would be a correct prediction of Minnesota's victory. (As you might have guessed, I inadvertently switched the 24 and 30 I found on Massey's web page when copying them to the piece of paper that I used to record these systems rankings for such comparison purposes.)

The 2006 "Picks page" had to be updated when an error was noticed that Wisconsin and Arkansas were reversed. The Ranks page was just fine, and so the timestamp on it was preserved, as in the cases listed above. In Billingsley's column, I incorrectly listed South Carolina as #29, when it should have been #36, so that counts as a loss for his system, and the Picks page includes this correction

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