NCAA Men's College Basketball Scores Archive

Many teams play games near their home court, and some archives might list these as neutral sites, but my stance is that home court advantage is due primarily to travel and fan support, so if Temple, St. Joseph's and Villanova play many of their games in Philadelphia, such a game will be designated as a home game for them if a team from outside of Pennsylvania scheduled such a contest (unless of course two of these three teams are playing each other - them it will be designated as neutral). Likewise for teams like St. John's who play many of their games at Madison Square Garden (including the NIT, and the Big East end of season conference tournaments ) since this is more like a home game to them than their opponents. Obviously, if Duke plays Texas in New Jersey, this is a neutral site, but when Maryland plays in Washington DC, this will be listed as a home game for them, except if the opponent is someone like Georgetown, George Mason, or George Washington, all of which are in the same proximity to DC as the Terrapins, etc. Sometimes it is hard to determine if this definition of neutrality applies, so the file with dates might have something like "AN?" at the end of the line indicating it is more likely that this is an away game for the first team, but could be construed as a neutral site as well ("NA?" would indicate it is more likely to be a neutral site). For some previous files with dates, primarily those before the 1979-80 season, sometimes the site for a game is unknown, and therefore a single '?' will appear in this final field on the line, though it is replaced by 'N' in the ordered file (without the date field).

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