1 - Expected Difference Rating (14-5, 3-1) 2 - Power Rating (12-7, 2-3)
3 - Discrete Rating Model (11-6-2, 1-3-2) 4 - Virtual Game Model (6-12-1, 1-6-1)
5 - Overtake and Feedback (Ranking) (12-7, 1-2) + - Result if disagree with the team who was favored

Inside the (...) above is each system's won/loss record: first "straight up", and then against the spread (when disagreeing with the favorite listed by "the bookies"). The 3rd number listed is for ties: the number of games that the model thinks is dead even. The favorites won 12 and lost 6, and 11 of the 18 favorites covered the spread in 1994 (with one game a push).

  W/L Cover Score 1 2 3 4 5 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+
Rose (Bowl): Penn State by 17
over Oregon
W Y 38-20 W W W L W       N  
Orange: Nebraska by 1.5
over Miami (Florida)
W Y 24-17 W W W W W
Sugar: Florida by 1.5
over Florida State
L N 17-23 L L T W L     T Y  
Cotton: USC by 6.5
over Texas Tech
W Y 55-17 W W W L W       N  
Sun: Texas EVEN
against North Carolina
--- --- 35-31 W L L L L Y N N N N
Gator: Tennessee by 7.5
over Virginia Tech
W Y 45-23 W W W W W          
Liberty: Illinois by 7
over East Carolina
W Y 20-0 W W W L W       N  
Peach: Mississippi State by 7
over North Carolina State
L N 24-28 L L L L L          
Citrus: Alabama by 3.5
over Ohio State
W Y 24-17 L L L L L N N N N N
Fiesta: Colorado by 7
over Notre Dame
W Y 41-24 W W W L W       N  
Independence: Virginia by 10
over TCU
W P 20-10 W W W L W       P  
Holiday: Michigan by 9.5
over Colorado State
W Y 24-14 W W W W W          
Aloha: Kansas State by 1.5
over Boston College
L N 7-12 L L W L L     Y    
Freedom: Arizona by 4.5
over Utah
L N 13-16 W W T T L Y Y T T  
Hall of Fame: Wisconsin by 8
over Duke
W Y 34-20 W W W W W          
Copper: BYU by 1
over Oklahoma
W Y 31-6 W L L L W   N N N  
Carquest: West Virginia by 2.5
over South Carolina
L N 21-24 W W L L W Y Y     Y
Las Vegas: Central Michigan by 5
over UNLV
L N 24-52 L L L L L          
Alamo: Washington State by 6.5
over Baylor
W Y 10-3 W W W W W          

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