1 - Expected Difference Rating (10-7, 6-1) 2 - Power Rating (8-9, 4-2)
3 - Discrete Rating Model (10-5-2, 3-1-2) 4 - Virtual Game Model (9-8, 7-5)
5 - Overtake and Feedback (Ranking) (8-9, 3-4) + - Result if disagree with the team who was favored

Inside the (...) above is each system's won/loss record: first "straight up", and then against the spread (when disagreeing with the favorite listed by "the bookies"). The 3rd number listed is for ties: the number of games that the model thinks is dead even. The favorites won 9 and lost 6 (with one tie game), and 7 of the 16 favorites covered the spread in 1985.

  W/L Cover Score 1 2 3 4 5 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+
Rose (Bowl): Iowa by 3.5
over UCLA
L N 28-45 L L W W L     Y Y  
Orange: Oklahoma by 7.5
over Penn State
W Y 25-10 W W W W L N
Sugar: Miami (Florida) by 8
over Tennessee
L N 7-35 L L L L L          
Cotton: Auburn by 2.5
over Texas A+M
L N 16-36 L L T W L     T Y  
Sun: Georgia by 5.5
over Arizona
T N 16-16 --- --- --- --- ---       Y  
Gator: Florida State by 6.5
over Oklahoma State
W Y 34-23 W W W W W          
Liberty: LSU EVEN
against Baylor
--- --- 7-21 W L W L L Y N Y N N
Peach: Illinois by 7
over Army
L N 29-31 W W L W L Y Y   Y  
Citrus: BYU by 1
over Ohio State
L N 7-10 L L L L W         Y
Fiesta: Michigan by 3
over Nebraska
W Y 27-23 W W L L W     N N  
Independence: Clemson by 4
over Minnesota
L N 13-20 W L L W W Y     Y Y
All American: Georgia Tech EVEN
against Michigan State
--- --- 17-14 W W W W L Y Y Y Y N
Bluebonnet: Air Force by 5.5
over Texas
W Y 24-16 W W W W W          
Holiday: Arkansas by 2
over Arizona State
W N 18-17 L L W W W Y Y      
California: Fresno State by 1
over Bowling Green
W Y 51-7 L L W L L N N   N N
Aloha: Alabama by 5.5
over USC
W Y 24-3 W W W L W       N  
Cherry: Maryland by 7
over Syracuse
W Y 35-18 W W W L W       N  
Freedom: Washington by 4
over Colorado
W N 20-17 L L T L L Y Y T Y Y

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