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The COS-Halos Survey: Keck LRIS and Magellan MagE Optical Spectroscopy

J.K. Werk et al . 2012ApJS, 198, 3

Discovery of Pristine Gas Two Billion Years After the Big Bang

M. Fumagalli et al. 2011 Science, 334, 1245

The Large, Oxygen-Rich Halos of Star Forming Galaxies: A New Reservoir of Cosmic Metals

J. Tumlinson et al. 2011 Science, 334, 948

Constraints on the Universal CIV Mass Density at z~6 from Early IR Spectra Obtained with the Magellan FIRE Spectrograph

R. A. Simcoe et al. 2011 ApJ, 740, 1

The ACS+WFC3 Survey for Lyman Limit Systems I: The Data

J.M. O’Meara et al. 2011 ApJS, 195, 16

Multiphase Gas in Galaxy Halos: The OVI Limit Toward J1009+0713

J. Tumlinson et al. 2011 ApJ, 733, 111

The First Observations of Low Redshift Damped Lyman Alpha Systems with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

J. D. Meiring et al. 2011 ApJ, 532, 35

A Definitive Survey for Lyman Limit Systems at z~3.5 with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2010 ApJ 718. 392

GRB100814A: Magellan Echellette Observations

J. M. O’Meara et al, 2010, GCN11089, 1

Directly Imaging Damped Lyman Alpha Galaxies at z>2 I: Methodology and First Results

M. Fumagalli et al. 2010 MNRAS, 408, 362

The Keck + Magellan Survey for Lyman Limit Absorption II: A Case Study on Metallicity Variations

G. Prochter et al. 2010, ApJ, 708, 221

A Direct Measurement of the IGM opacity to HI Ionizing Photons

J. X. Prochaska at al. 2009 ApJL, 705, 113

The Interstellar Medium of Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies. I. Echelle Spectra of Swift GRB Afterglows

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2007ApJS, 168, 231

The Keck+Magellan Survey for Lyman Limit Absorption. I. The Frequency Distribution of Super Lyman Limit Systems

J. M. O’Meara et al. 2007ApJ, 656, 666

The Deuterium-to-Hydrogen Abundance Ratio toward the QSO SDSS J155810.16-003120.0

J. M. O’Meara et al. 2006ApJ...649L..61O

Supersolar Super-Lyman Limit Systems

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2006ApJ...648L..97P

A Shot in the Dark: A Technique for Locating the Stellar Counterparts of Damped Lyα Absorbers

J. M. O’Meara et al. 2006ApJ...642L...9O

Predicting QSO Continua in the Lyα Forest

N. Suzuki et al. 2005ApJ...618..592S

Cosmological Parameters σ8, the Baryon Density Ωb, the Vacuum Energy Density ΩΛ, the Hubble Constant and the UV

Background Intensity from a Calibrated Measurement of H I Lyα Absorption at z=1.9

D. Tytler et al. 2004ApJ...617....1T

H I Gas in Higher Density Regions of the Intergalactic Medium

T. Misawa et al. 2004AJ....128.2954M

Cosmology from the high redshift intergalactic medium

J. M. O’Meara 2004PhDT.......196O

The Kast Ground-based Ultraviolet Spectral Survey of 79 Quasi-stellar Objects at Redshift 2 for Lyα Forest and Metal Absorption

D. Tytler et al. 2004AJ....128.1058T

The Cosmological Baryon Density from the Deuterium-to-Hydrogen Ratio in QSO Absorption Systems: D/H toward Q1243+3047

D. Kirkman et al. 2003ApJS..149....1K

Relative Flux Calibration of Keck HIRES Echelle Spectra

N. Suzuki et al. 2003PASP..115.1050S

The UCSD HIRES/Keck I Damped Lyα Abundance Database. IV. Probing Galactic Enrichment Histories with Nitrogen

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2002PASP..114..933P

The UCSD HIRES/Keck I Damped Lyα Abundance Database. III. An Empirical Study of Photoionization in the Damped Lyα System toward GB 1759+7539

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2002ApJ...571..693P

The UCSD HIRES/Keck I Damped Lyα Abundance Database. I. The Data

J. X. Prochaska et al. 2001ApJS..137...21P

New Hubble Space Telescope Spectra of QSO PG 1718+4807: No Evidence for Strong Deuterium Absorption

D. Kirkman et al. 2001ApJ...559...23K

The Deuterium to Hydrogen Abundance Ratio toward a Fourth QSO: HS 0105+1619

J. M. O’Meara et al. 2001ApJ...552..718O

QSO 0130-4021: A Third QSO Showing a Low Deuterium-to-Hydrogen Abundance Ratio

D. Kirkman et al. 2000ApJ...529..655K

Review of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Primordial Abundances

D. Tytler et al. 2000PhST...85...12T

Deuterium and the baryonic density of the Universe.

D Tytler. et al. 2000PhR...333..409T