El patriota / la patriota check list

____1. Visit the Web sites about the Cinco de mayo.

____2. Find, and if necessary, download and save information about Mexican history, patriotism, and flags.  Look for patriotic Spanish words and sayings to go on your sign.

___ 3.   In the classroom, take another look at the materials you will use. Look closely at the size of the shoe box and the popsicle sticks so you get an idea of how you can make little people to go on your float.

___4.   Sit down with your group and plan how you can make a float that is patriotic, fun, and beautiful. Share your ideas, and decide which ones you can all agree with.

___ 5. Use the space below to list the items you are responsible for making for the float.  

My responsibilities






___ 6. Find, make, or cut out the items for your float.

___ 7. Make a patriotic sign to go somewhere on the float.

___ 8. Word process the Patriota section of the group sign, following the sign pattern.