El artista / la artista check list

____ 1. Visit these Web sites about the Cinco de mayo.

___ 2. Visit the Google Web site and look for images of the Cinco de mayo.                                     www.google.com/images

___ 3. Find, and if necessary, download and save pictures and images that could give you ideas for decorating the float.

___ 3.   In the classroom, take another look at the materials you will use. Look at the colors and types of paper you have available.

___4.   Sit down with your group and plan how you can make a float that is patriotic, fun, and beautiful. Share your ideas, and decide which ones you can all agree with.

___ 5. Use the shoe-box shape below to sketch your vision for decorating the group float.





___ 6. Decorate the real shoe box to look like a parade float.

___ 7. At the computer, design the group sign. It should be about 3"X 4". Choose colors and and import clip art, and designs to make it more festive. Then type the Artista section of the group sign, following the sign pattern.