The new set up for 2008 forward:  Still $50 limit on gifts, but now split as $10 for gift and $40 for charity.  People's favorite charities are listed below.  Please put a check made out to the charity into an addressed, stamped, but NOT sealed envelope to include with the gift.  We will mail them all from Mom and Dads house on the 26th.  We are also doing a cookie exchange this year.  So far: Maria/Bob--sugar cookies, Mom/Dad--Koulourikia,  Jo/John--gingersnaps, Dorothy/Arthur--?? Missy/Anth--???




Some Thoughts....

(Red is 2005 updates)

(Green is 2006 updates)

(Blue for 2007)

(Navy for 2008)


March 5, 1939


shirts--large.  Collar 16 1/2, sleeve 32-32.  Sweater--large.  Pants--36 waist 30 length

Ok, Dad says he already got a nice pair of gloves--maybe just the name of the good trial lawyer is needed now....  He plays golf, splits and stacks A LOT of wood, and hangs out at the new Welcome center.  He likes spy/adventure novels.  He seems to be sitting around a lot in that recliner lately for some reason--maybe he needs a good gameboy for the TV??


Racquetball stuff; biking shorts/shirts in breathable fabric; books

Raquetball and golf still favorite activities!

It would be great if Santa would give me any thing to do with golf. Golf balls golf glove right hand etc.


United Way of Wyndham County, 28 Vernon St. Suite 410, Brattleboro, VT  05301-3668

Project Feed the Thousands, c/o Brattleboro Savings and Loan, 221 Main St, Brattleboro, VT  05301


May 28, 1939

10 petite

Dear Secret Santa

A few years ago for Christmas I received beautiful hand carved ornaments of some of the feathered friends that come to my feeders (Indigo bunting, Goldfinch, Purple finch, Ruby-throated hummingbird, Crow, Rose-breasted grosbeak). I'd love to have more so someday I'll have enough to do a whole Christmas tree in birds and nests. The source for the bird ornaments is Starr Decoys 888-883-857 or

I plan to spend some of these wintry afternoons organizing our many photos of Greece and Italy. I love the scrapbook type of album that you can write in with gel pens. Mostly I've been good!


OK--Mom is a bird... Ooops, I mean really likes birds.  She also likes "litrachur", i.e. a cut above best-sellers.  Her kitchen colors are creamy white and celadon/mossy green.  Her kitchen knives are for doo-doo (actually I think she got some in 2005.  Nope--they turned out to be for doo-doo too.) and she liked the sterno chafing dish she saw at Jo's (Anth has one too) (2006--I think she has one now, at least I borrowed one from her for Thanksgiving...).


Art supplies, e.g., water colors, paper; creamy white sweater (size petite medium)--can be cardigan, T-neck, mock T, etc.

After a very busy and stressful Fall, I am planning to "hunker down" & lay low in the upcoming winter months. Some soft sleepwear and body lotion for comfort, a good book, music, something for a hot-toddy, mmm!

Mom has kind of had her fill of the 'hunker down for winter in a shapeless mass of fleece sweats' thing.  This year, all Mom really wants is one of those cute flirty little 'Santa's helper' costumes---WITH the black stiletto boots, please.

Mom's conservative alter-ego writes: I would like more of the carved bird ornaments by Gary M. Starr.  I have ten that were Christmas gifts over the last few years:  Bobwhite, Indigo Bunting,Crow, Purple Finch, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Ring-Necked Pheasant, White-Throated Sparrow, Chestnut-Sided Warbler.  You can order toll free at (888) 883-8574 or see the full ornament collection and order on line at
Other than that, surprises are nice! 


Orthodox Christian Mission Center,  PO Box 4319, St. Augustine, FL 32085-9950

Wyndham County Humane Society, PO Box 397, Brattleboro, VT  05301


July 12, 1944


shoe--8 1/2

2004 update from 'Uncle Arturo' :


Waiting for Teddy Williams by: Howard Frank Mosher

Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

My Losing Season by Pat Conroy

9/11 Commission Report

Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist

Attacks Upon the United States Official Government Edition

Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian

State of Fear by Michael Crichton

Other Stuff

Socks to fit shoe size 81/2; smartwool medium weight for boots for hiking/winter sports


Movies on CD: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, The African Queen,


He is also into the Italy/travel thing.....


Balaclava (fleece); Books: Waiting for Teddy Williams (Mosher), Wolves Eat Dogs (Martin Cruz Smith); Before You Know Kindness (Chris Bohjalian); mid-weight smart wool socks; ragg wool socks; silk sock liners


Hmmm... Lots of repeats from last year.  Have you not been a GOOD boy, Arthur???

Zip pull-overs, mens medium, either very light fleece or poly pro or both; the book Wolves Eat Dogs (Martin Cruz Smith); casual or hiking mid-weight smart wool socks; xd or sd cards for digital cameras.

Arthur's cover as a secret agent for the CIA was blown due to all the international travel with higher levels of security.  As well all know, "Men in Black" was a thinly disguised documentary on the CIA, with many elements of truth.  Thus, it should be no surprise that Arthur will be spending the remainder of his retirement working for the US post office.  He is hoping for black orthopedic shoes this Christmas....

Ahhh... Arthur has now checked in.  He writes:

I'm really not lacking or wanting for much of anything, so my wish list for my secret Santa is simply this: One pair of wool blend mid-weight sport/hiking type socks (such as Cresta from LL Bean or Smartwool), men's size medium in any color, or one light-weight poly pro type quarter-zip pullover (such as Trail Model Cool Max from LL Bean), medium, any color except grey. Any amount that Santa chooses over the cost of one of these items I would appreciate being donated to the ASPCA or HSUS or to an animal shelter near wherever Santa lives. Alternately, air-fair to and car leasing for one in Italy for about three weeks in May would be great (Dorothy can find her own Santa!!).


In the year since last Christmas, I'm still not wanting for much of anything, so my simple request for my secret Santa would be a gift certificate at either Borders or LL Bean.  As for a charitable donation in my behalf, my choices are the same as last year:  an animal rescue shelter near Santa's home would good, or the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS, or the ASPCA (


January 11, ?


As far as clothing (which I really don't need), sizes are as follows: 

Sweaters: Size Medium or Large

Skirts/Pants: Don't even try.

Socks: Socks are good, Socks are always useful, (especially red and other color ragg wool ones) for women's size 7 1/2 shoes.


DVD's (full screen, not wide screen) are always good. A couple of suggestions would be The English Patient, A Room With A View, Legally Blonde 1 &/or 2, the Wizard of Oz, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Shawshank Redemption. If you could find an Italian film called Cinema Paradiso (original in Italian or dubbed? not a translated version), that would be wonderful!

Jewelry of any sort is always welcome (even if I don't really need it!).


Again, above is from last year, but gives an idea of her tastes.  Like Arthur, she has caught the travel bug.  She also has kind of fun/funky taste in clothes, but probably has more fun shopping than receiving (!). 


For 2004, she mentioned:  A small backpack for traveling would be nice (prefer black to go with exisitng luggage) or one of those back saver bags in fabric rather than leather.  An inexpensive teflon-coated 12 1/2" fry pan to replace the old one we keep using even though it's way past its prime.


She's into beading, and stamp/collage art (funky papers etc.) 


Craft supplies, e.g., fancy paper; Book -- The Big Island Revealed (Hawaiian tour book), The Broker (John Grisham)--paperback; fountain pens (especially Stypen brand) and ink for fountain pens; Lonely Planet Tour book for Italy; CDs -- American Idiot (Green Day), Movie -- March of the Penguins; Ultra SD II digital camera memory card


While Dorothy was as shocked as anyone by Arthur's double life as a CIA agent, her proximity to the notorious Nashou brought her to the attention of media mogols.  Hence, she has been recruited to be the Bond girl in the upcomming James Bond flick, 'Born to be Mild', regrettably reinstating Moore as Bond.  Dorothy is looking to Santa for anything in black leather or spandex.


Then she wrote:  It been difficult coming up with things to request on the Website.  Arthur and I are currently in the process of cleaning out the excess stuff we have stuffed in the attic, basement, and garage, and it seems almost criminal to ask for anything at this point in our lives.However, after much pondering, I’ve decided that I could really use two things:  a nice sewing basket and a pair of fleece socks/slippers to keep my feet toasty warm this winter (women’s size 7 ˝ shoe for reference).  And, of course, any kind of jewelry-making supplies would do fine for filler if necessary.


Here are the charities I would prefer my Secret Santa to choose from (along with URLs):


2010 addition:  Smile train.  Link is:, click on 'Donate' tab top left.

1.      The Central Asia Institute.  The Central Asia Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of promoting and supporting community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  I became aware of this organization when I read “Three Cups of Tea,” a wonderful book co-authored by Greg Mortenson, who attempted to climb K2, failed, and found himself in an isolated mountain village in Pakistan.  In exchange for the generosity of the village leader and other people in the village, Greg promised to build them a school.  Over time, his group has built dozens of schools, which primarily promote girls’ education in rural Afghanistan and Pakistan.

2.      Love/Avon Army of Women.  This is a relatively new collaboration between Dr. Susan Love and the Avon Foundation that matches a volunteer “army of women” with studies designed to find the cause of breast cancer.

3.      The Humane Society of the United States.  This organization helped rescue tons of animals after Hurricane Katrina and more recently Hurricane Ike, helps save sick dogs from puppy mills, etc., etc.  I would prefer that any donation specify that the money should be used for the benefit of CATS.

In addition to my charitable preferences, I would like either fleece socks (Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are the best reasonably-priced sources) or a candy thermometer (I seem to be going through these almost as fast as the candy they help me make!).  Thanks, Secret Santa.





November 5, 1959

(no clothes please)

Art supplies, "How to draw/paint/etc books".  DVD movies--adventure or family, eg Star Wars.  He's been running and bowling lately.  Likes show-tunes CDS, and Irish music.  He plays with the Nintendo game cube sometimes too, but doesn't like games with demonic/horror/violence aspects to them.


John--you had better give something to fill in here ASAP or we are going to make some foolishness up.....(he likes eggplants and is into rap lately--really!)

He's running, playing golf, and bowling lately.  For sports gear (not general clothes) size is Men's Large.  His putter is about 25 years old....  Any accessories for these activities would be great, even books/videos (NO BLOOPERS videos--we have our own homemade--that comment is from Jo, John says to ignore her).  He likes author Archer Mayer, and science fiction.


Extreme Sports.  Need I say more?  (Seriously, he is running and hanging out at the gym these days--stuff for that would be great.  Size medium or so--roughly the same as Anth or Bob or Dad.)




June 24, 1962

9 jrs? Maybe 11?  Maybe back to 9??  Medium.  Large if it might shrink.  (I'm a lot  still a bit bigger than I used to be....)

Clothes--I am always dependent on the kindness of family members so that I don't look like a total dork when out in public.  Also, I am going to have a garden again this summer if it kills me.  Nicely bound books (classics)--I like Hemmingway, Austin, Kipling.  Books of any kind in any form are very nice.  I'd like to get back into art again, if I could find the time....  I collect blue-and-white china (NOT 'flow blue') or cobalt blue press glass for kitchen stuff .  Yellow is my favorite color (except in clothes), followed closely by blue. Kitchen colors are white, yellow and blue.  I love flowers.  Like Arthur, I love classic movies--Bogart, Sean Connery, etc.  


Winter stuff.  Above still holds, especially about the nicely bound books.  I need new crosscountry skis and a month-long vacation in Stowe (hey, if Anth can be totally unrealistic, so can I!!)


Above still holds.  Also, I'm drawing again, and supplies would be great--good quality chalk or oil pastels, prestretched canvas, acrylics.  My wonderful Kitchen aid mixer from 20 years ago (yes, it is our 20th anniversary in Jan!) is still going strong, but the attachments have about given up the ghost (any and all).


Above still holds, except no clothes please.  I broke the watch I used to wear around my neck.


Charities: (Vermont Catholic Charities)



April 20, 1965


pants--size 4

shoe--6 1/2

reflective vest for running, athletic socks, jewelry, candles.  She is a runner, a kayak-er, has a new apartment, and is a starving student.... (a case of No-Doze???)

She has also mentioned that she could really use AAA membership.


snowshoes; size small bike gloves, size 4 bike skort (skirt/shorts combo)


the usual, same sizes as last year. slippers anyone??? my house is freezing!  She is no longer a starving student and is now gainfully employed at the hospital in Keene!


books on flowers (annuals/perennials), gardening tools, gaters for snowshoeing, jewelry is always nice!


Charity:  Monadnock Humane Society


Men's Medium shirts

outdoors books, adventure books, likes mountain biking, anything outdoors, backpacking, camping skiing

shirt size is large. bike clothing (shorts med. shirts lrg.)

Charity: Keene Family YMCA New Building Fund
38 Roxbury St, Keene 03431.



Oct. 15, 1966


large in shirts

- anything fleece (clothing)

- boxers - underwear

- massager - for him to use on Missy! Just kidding

- biking gear - shirts

He's been doing a ton of remodeling and landscaping lately.


Weekend retreat  (EXCUSE ME???); snowboarding paraphernalia, including gloves, ski hat, etc.; weathervane.


Pretty much set on bike stuff by now.  The focus this year is on the house, gift cards are always welcomed.  Since the addition is based around relaxing and adults only, unique beer glass, wine glasses, glass coasters, candles / holders, a pool table would be a nice gift (I thought I would throw that in just in case)  we already have 2 dart sets, so I think we are all set on that.  Even outside stuff for the new patio. 


I would like my donation to go to the Pan-Mass Challenge (Jimmy Fund), but the donation can not be made until I register in January. My Secret Santa will need my ID.  Otherwise Secret Santa Can they make the check out to me, earmarked for the Pan Mass challenge, for me to deposit in Jan.



April 4, 1968


As most of you know my love for entertaining--always welcome are cooking gadgets, serving bowls, platters, Martha Stewart Appetizer cookbook (this particular book has a picture with every recipe), candle holders / candles, still collecting roosters for my kitchen.  Scarf and hat  - for dress up days.


Cooking stuff, e.g., platters, bowls; Books, e.g., Martha Stewart Appetizer book; Rooster-themed items for the kitchen; copper stuff (especially a copper rooster!); snowshoes; CDs -- any type of music


winter hat, gloves, scarf - seems I keep misplacing my winter stuff.  Snow shoes, as always, cooking accessories, i.e. cookbook, unique cooking utensils.  Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription, Everyday Rachel Ray monthly magazine subscription.  ITunes gift card (one of my favorites).

Missy also liked the cookware at Jo's at thanksgiving--they are tupperware cookware line, and Marilyn Billings is a tupperware rep.  Her website is, and there is a link to the tupperware online store, but MUCH better prices are available by calling her direct--802-524-4193).


Same as for Anthony, plus I am always in need of updated things for the kitchen, cookbooks, utensils, cool bowls for entertaining, serving tray since I know we will be trucking stuff back and forth from the kitchen to the new room!  I guess what I am getting at is home goods are our suggestions this year.




June 27, 1997


Medium (but has gotten very picky about clothes... maybe gift card or something besides clothes this year)

make-up, she loves to draw, she is going to a gymnastics class now – leotard (no tights);  loves movies – DVD Scooby Doo (likes the movies with the entire Gang – some only have Shaggy and Scooby not these)  Loves horses.


Funny socks, Polly Pockets, board games, graphic T-shirts


love graphic tees, jewelry (necklace, braclets, ect - no earings mom won't pierce my ears, yet).  Board games, drawing supplies - would love nice drawing pencils, with paper for beginners.


For clothing really a little bit of a challenge, if anything PJs (likes Old Navy).  Emma is really into the horseback riding, options are the riding helmet, winter riding pants, boots if anyone is interested in getting something for her please call  Missy and she can let you know the specifics.  Still loves drawing and anything to do with horses (figurines, ect).  Webkinz ( is still an option; gift Cards are always cool, i-tunes. 


Feb. 13, 2001

size 7

puzzles, baby doll accessories, toys age appropriate (3 years)


Card games, craft projects, board games, paints


 Loves crafts, drawing, painting, singing, dancing would love a kareoki (spelling) machine.  Loves to play board games.


doesn’t really wear dresses other than that she is pretty easy.  Megan is also still into drawing, loves her bike (maybe something to add like a bell, etc.)  Shining Star (for the computer) is something she is dying to have.   She loves to collect things from Nature, worms, bugs, she is very creative.  Loves to sing, I think there was something last year that you plugged into the TV and you could sing along / dance?


May 2, 1998

No clothes please chapter books appropriate for  3rd grade (8yrs), music, crafts, 

chapter books for 4th grade level. loves biographies. anything to do with American girl dolls, iTunes


Nov 13, 1987

pants-- 7  jrs.


shoes--6 1/2 -7

Music CDs, DVD movies, clothes (dance pants-loose enough to do splits).

jewelry, art supplies, books, shoes

"An automated, remote controlled, super intelligent Robo-creature with the ability to do homework and research papers that are perfectly accurate and imitate your writing style and handwriting and an invisibility feature so it can be used during midterms.

Other than the above surprise me--toys, gadgets and unexpected gifts are always welcome"


This all basically holds for Eva--she's been into Anime and Japanese comics lately too.  Also drama and fashion design. She's also been wanting interesting but not too wild tights to go under khaki or navy uniform skirts.


Other activities--Dance team (Hip-hop), a new interest in Fencing, Journalism (is on school newspaper and yearbook).


We have a Nintendo Game cube she uses (Not broke).


Eva is easy this last year of 'kidhood'--she is off to college next year and needs to be properly equipped!  Especially after 15 years of uniforms....

Lets see,  dance stuff still applies (twirling now)

Art supplies,  kind of playing with drawing comics right now. Beading (doesn’t need much space)

Clothes- gift certificates welcome (right by King of Prussia mall) and  sizes are still accurate. Could use sweaters/ cardigans, shoes. Experimenting with hats.


Bath/body supplies, fun stuff that will fit in a dorm. Fun organizational boxes..

Posters/pictures/decorations always fun.


Going Goth.... (she says the stuff in green still applies)










Charity: Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, PO Box 576, Waterbury, VT 05676



March 11, 2000

boys size 14

Activities, anything to do with cars or trucks, (matchbox track/accessories),building toys, Thomas the tank engine compatible train stuff, dress up, legos, lincoln logs, tinker toys, playmobile, tapes/books-on-tape, books.   Age appropriate computer games.


Above still holds, but also he is getting really into sports, e.g. basket ball, and needs jamies and winter stuff.  Definitely computer games (running windows 98 on the 'kids' computer).  He is doing great learning to read and write...


Above still holds.  Still loves cars, trucks, motorcycles and the Red Socks (blame John).  Early reader books and educational software.  Children's games (like candy land).


Early reader books.  He loves maps, 'I spy/where's waldo', knock-knock jokes, and as always, cars.  He is really into biking and just started boy scouts.  DVD's.  His favorite color is orange.  Winter stuff.


Books (about at the Encyclopedia Brown level--easy chapter books), biking, hiking,  cubscouts, still into cars and trucks (may be ready for very beginner models), sports (Red Socks fan), DVDs, posters, cross country skiing, winter stuff. Likes orange.


2010-- Chapter books with good stories. Hardy boys level.  He still loves cars.  Also he likes biking and hiking and woodworking (cub scout stuff).  Music is good (classic rock)


April 2, 2001

boys size 12

music, videos, legos, lincoln logs, tapes/books-on-tape, playmobile, books, fingerpaints, playdough, dress up, cooking.  Age appropriate computer games.


Again, the above still holds, and he also needs jamies and winter stuff, and likes computer games.  Very musical and imaginative. 


The above, G-rated non-scary DVD's, music, games, books, crafts, cooking.


Construction toys, early reader books, music, imaginative play stuff, educational computer games, DVD's, art/craft stuff.  Winter stuff.


Art stuff, music,  biking, hiking, cubscouts,  sports (Red Socks fan), DVDs, early reader books, posters, cross country skiing, winter stuff. NOTE:  Can NOT have chocolate!!! (white chocolate is ok).


2010--easy chapters books--and facts books like encyclopedia of sports.  Action figures (not too violent please),   sports stuff, music,  Also he likes biking and hiking and woodworking (cub scout stuff).