Special Topics Presentations


Title Date Presenter Power Point SmartBoard NoteBook
Topics 1/20/05 Jo E-M Some special topic ideas  
Models and Applications 1/27/05 Jo E-M Graph models and applications  
Modeling with Maple 2/17/05 Jo E-M

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/torus graph.mws.mw

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/surreal shells submit.mws

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/flatc3xc3.mws.mw

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/CsaszarK7.mws.mw

Knight's Tour 3/3 David Miller Knight’s Tour  
Embedding Graphs 3/8 Marisa Debowsky combo2/class notes/combo03-08-05_Marisa.pdf  
Planes and Games 3/10 Mary Cox    
new open questions 3/24 Jo E-M combo2/Special Topics/fib-cheesecake-open.pdf

combo2/Special Topics/fib-cheesecake-open.xbk

Instant Insanity 3/31 Patrick Asaba INSTANT INSANITY  
Social Networks 3/31 Amanda Dargie Using Social Networks to Analyze Sexual Relations  
Scheduling 4/14 Sarah Walker Scheduling Theory  
Ising Model 4/14 Katie McNamara Ising Model  
Texas Hold 'em 4/28 Nathan Rounds Texas Hold’em  
Language Trees 5/3 Michelle Fretta Language Trees  
Sport Scheduling 5/3 Patrick Scanlon    
DNA sequencing 5/5 Jess Scheld DNA Sequencing  
Optical Networks 5/5 Josh Schoenley Optical Networks