Course Grades

Course grades will be posted here periodically.  These are Excel spreadsheets.   Grades are listed by your access code.  You should have gotten an email message telling you what your access code is, or gotten it from me in class.  Please contact me if you have any questions. Your grade to date is in the column headed "grade to date"  (go figure...).  Please check for accuracy, and see me if you have any questions.

Grading is on a "10-point scale":

A:   93-100

A-:  90-92

B+:  87-89

B:    83-86

B-:   80-82

C+:  77-79

C:    73-76

C-:   70-72

D+:  67-69

D:    63-66

D-:   60-62

F:     below 60


bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad2-14-05.xls
bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad3-29-05.xls
bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad4-4-05.xls
bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad4-28-05.xls
bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad5-5-05.xls
bullet combo2/grades/posted216grad5-9-05.xls
bullet Final letter grades--combo2/grades/posted216grad5-11-05.xls