Special Topics Presentations


Title Date Presenter Power Point SmartBoard NoteBook
PowerPoint basics 1/15/03 Cynthia Kelly PowerPoint Basics  
Fighting the Plane 1/17/03 Patti Fogarty Fighting the Plane  
Topic suggestions 1/24/03 Jo E-M Topic Ideas  
Instant Insanity 2/7/03 Sarah G. The Instant Insanity Game  
Progressively Finite Games 2/14/03 Michael Progressively Finite Games  
Magic Squares 2/21/03 Patti B. Magic Squares  
Tower of Hanoi 3/14/03 Ben E. The Tower of Hanoi  
Juggling 3/19/03 Greg Warrington    
Island Networks 3/28/03 Aaron Island Network  
Knight's Tours 3/28/03 Colleen The Knight’s Tour  
Degree/Diameter 4/4/03 Whitney The (Degree, Diameter) Problem  
Sprouts 4/4/03 Tamsen Sprouts  
Graphical Layout 4/9/03 Laura McLane    
Scheduling 4/11/03 Christina Scheduling Theory  
Pattern Recognition 4/11/03 Dan Nardi Pattern Recognition  
Hypergraphs 4/25/03 Marisa Debowsky Hypergraphs