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5/1/03 Final grades are posted.  Please check these and get back to me with any questions ASAP as I will be submitting them to the registrar tomorrow.  Very good work!
4/25/03 smartboard chromatic poly
4/15/03 COME TO OUR 2nd ANNUAL
APRIL 16, 2003 Billings Student Center UVM

Buffet Dinner provided by VGN

Everyone who is interested in science, math, engineering and computer
science is invited to attend the VGN 2nd Annual Career Day, April 16, 2003
from 4:30-8:30 p.m. in the Billings Student Center at the University of
There will be a panel of speakers who will speak about their careers in the
fields of biomedical research, environmental counseling, government science
liaison, working with the Chief Medical Examiner and working as an OB/GYN
physician. After the panel presentations there will be opportunities for
discussion and questions.
Undergraduate students can sign up for a graduate student, postdoctoral or
medical student mentor. Graduate, postdoctoral and medical students can
sign up to serve as a mentor to an undergraduate student from VGN partner
colleges. VGN will then create mentor matches. Mentors will serve as a
contact person to learn about careers in science, math and technology and
to become acquainted with the research facilities.
To RSVP: E-mail to
Call 802-656-4087

We hope you will be able to join us!

Vermont Genetics Network (VGN)
(802) 656-4087
(802) 656-0242 - Fax


Please call to the attention of possible Junior candidates, that the Fulbright "U.S. Student Program" is designed to give graduating Seniors opportunities for professional development and international experience at the graduate level.

Students plan their own study program. Projects may include university course work, independent research, or a combination of the two.

The application deadline for the 2004-05 program is October 21, 2003. Current Juniors interested in this program need to begin planning their project proposal this summer.

Please ask students to contact Professor Kathleen Balutansky at extension 2640

or stop by St. Ed's 338 on Tuesday, April 22, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. for more details.


4/14/03 Here is the final exam.  Grades to date have also been posted.
3/24/03 A more recent version of 4.3 is now posted (I added some of the smartboard notes).

Here is another extra credit opportunity--as before, just write a couple paragraphs saying what the talk was about.

Solving Airline Crew Scheduling Problem

Dr. Greta Pangborn

March 13th, JeanMarie 380, 4pm.

The airline crew scheduling problem seeks to determine a set of trips (pairings) for the crews (pilots and flight attendants) to fly which covers all of the flights on the schedule at minimum cost. Finding reasonable crew trips is complicated by Federal Aviation Administration regulations that include flying-time limits and minimum rest requirements. Minimizing the cost of the selected trips is difficult because the salary structure depends on the composition of the pairings and because there are an enormous number of potential trips to consider. In this talk I will discuss a mathematical model for the airline crew scheduling. I will describe some of the standard computational tools for solving integer programming problems, and how they are applied to this problem. Finally, I will explain a new technique for finding lower bounds for the airline crew scheduling problem.

Light refreshments will be provided.

3/10/03 Here is the abstract for Greg Warrington's Juggling talk on Wednesday, March 19, 4-5 pm, in STE 106.  Anyone who would like to go to dinner afterwards (SMC's treat) please let me know!  Greg Warrington poster.doc
2/24/03 If you gave me a rough draft before break, please check the bottom  'folder holder' outside my door--I have made comments and returned them there.
2/18/03 Some general guidelines for preparing your papers, both for the special topic and original work.

1.  Include a title

2.  Include footers with the title, your name, and page x of y.

3. Both right and left justify the margins.

4.  Include a thorough bibliography.

5.  Bring the paper to the writing center for help with your exposition.  At very least, have someone else read it before you turn it in.

6.  This is a mathematics paper, so use mathematical syntax such as the word Theorem followed by the statement of the theorem, followed by the proof.

7.  Use Mathtype for all mathematical symbols, and be sure to italicize variables.

Grading breakdown for the special topic paper:  draft on time (10), content (50), exposition (20), depth--includes level of sources and complexity of proofs (15), bibliography (5).

2/17/03 This morning's office hours at 7:30 are cancelled due to a sick baby.  I will try to have additional hours later in the week to make up for this. I should be on campus in time for the 8:00 presentation and preview though.
2/5/03 SUMMER JOB OPPORTUNITY!!  I am writing a Vermont Genetics Network grant to support my work with DNA-related graph polynomials this summer.  There is a provision in the grant for a student research project.  This would pay $3500 for 10 weeks, here at SMC, plus up to $1000 for supplies (eg software).  I need someone who can program, at very least in Maple, but something like C would be good too.  A little biology background would be a plus, but not necessary.  You would be helping me and my colleague, Dr. Sarmiento, analyze a certain class of graph polynomials that model DNA sequencing, mostly by helping us generate small examples (eg write a program to compute the polynomial of a graph) to look for patterns and check our hypotheses against.  The dead line is next Friday (Feb 14), so if you are at all interested, please call me right away.  You can see the proposal here: , and the application here: .  The application is pretty straightforward--fill in your name, school, etc, except for a three page project description which I would help you with. 
2/4/03 Please check the calendar carefully--several changes have been made!!


Coordinator : Joan Wry - Library 302 - ext. 2891


The date of this year's




Please consider the possiblity of coordinating a panel presentation showcasing some of the fine work 

you have been doing this semester

(Note from Jo:  This is a great opportunity to show your special topic or original work, or to practice for Hudson River.  Again, extra credit would be available....)

2/3/03 Speaker!  Ed Sandifer is coming to give a talk at 4:00 on Wednesday, Feb 12.  He is a very entertaining and energetic person, and this should be a good talk.  I could be convinced to give extra credit to anyone who went and wrote a two paragraph synopsis.  ABSTRACT.
2/3/03 IT assures me that reinstalling Mathtype on the lab computers has priority 1.  In the meantime, Mathtype should be available in the following labs:  STE 111 and the LLRC.  Please let me know ASAP if not.
1/28/03 The calendar has been changed slightly to combine some groups. Please check it for the updated version (no 7:30 meeting times now!).  Tamsen, I think you are the only one who's dates have changed, so you should check it carefully.
1/24/03 has some more open questions.
1/24/03 There had been a note here about changed office hours, but they have been changed back--the schedule is as on my homepage and your first day handout.
1/12/03 The postings on this site have all been tested and all work.  If you have any difficulty getting material off this site, you can try any of the following:

1.  See if someone in your study group was able to print the file you want and make a photocopy of it.

2.  Try using one of the lab computers in case the problem is with how your own computer is configured.

3.  Using Explorer, right click on the link, select "save target as", then save the file to your home computer.  You should be able to open and print it from there.

4.  Contact Cynthia Kelley at 654-2756 or  She is the person for website trouble shooting.

1/12/03 Click Here for info on how to be notified automatically of any new changes to this website (how to subscribe to the site).


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