Maple Lab.

Use Maple and 3D parametric plots to a design a Holiday greeting card (Fall semester), or a springtime greeting card ( Spring semester--e.g. Mother's day, April fools, Easter, Equinox, whatever...). This lab will be assessed primarily on aesthetic principles, but also on how well you use Maple to achieve your goal. You may find it easiest to create your card by taking a screen capture of your design and pasting it into Word, and then finishing the card in Word.

What to turn in:
  1. The card itself
  2. Your Maple code, with detailed comments (see bullet 4 below).  The comments are as important as the code, if not more so.


Maple Lab Card evaluation criteria: 

  • evidence of using the Maple documentation to learn more about plot options for plotting cool-looking things
  • use of Maple commands beyond what we have done in class
  • use of a loop to generate multiple plots
  • control of the coordinate systems and parameterized equations to get desired effects etc.  You need to demonstrate your understanding by comments in the code to show the effects weren't just random luck.
  • artistic vision--layout, good use of color (OK if no color printer, send on email), creative design

D-range--a basic card with some parametric equation plots with some modifications among the equations and plot options.

C-range--card with good examples of at least one or two of the bullets above

B-range-- card with good examples of at least three or four of the bullets above

A-range--must include all the bullets above, plus maybe some extra surprises I haven't thought of.