Midterm Rocket Project


Here is the Midterm Rocket project:

Water Rockets   Figure 2   Figure 7   (These are large files--let me know if you have any trouble downloading them).

Here is the actual code from the paper: calc3/midterm rockets/RocketCode.mws.  Do NOT cut and paste from the Word document itself since this can introduce impossible to debug 'invisible' characters and typesetting errors.  If you want to cut-and-paste, use this code.

You may use the auxiliary stills provided in the paper as your raw data.  However, significant extra credit (and a much more interesting project) will result if you want to collect data from your own rocket launch.  Be aware however that this can add significant time and frustration to the project.  If you would like to try, let me know before January 30,  I will supply the rockets and a blueprint of the library.  You will need to check out a digital camcorder from the library and provide your own measuring devices.  The bookstore carries the mini-dv's for it (about  $7 or $8 for a 60 minute mini-dv).  After you film your launch(s), you will need to make an appointment with Jeremy Gilpin (STE 219, x2935, jgilpin@smcvt.edu ).  He will help you extract the stills from your launch.

Whether you use the auxiliary stills or your own data, you should estimate the coordinates as in section 4.1, develop a model as in section 4.2, and then analyze the flight, as in section 4.3.  Be sure you answer fully all the questions posed in section 4.3.

Extra credit is available for addressing considerations raised in section 6--e.g. using better measurement tools or using a sextant.


Maple Labs

 To run Maple 8 on the computers in the labs, click on the Start button in the lower left corner

     of the screen, move up to Programs, over to Course Applications, and over to Maple 8.

[Click here for info on using Maple from your room]

Students may work together on Maple labs by consulting with each other and by comparing  their input and results.  However, each student must enter the Maple commands for his or her lab independently, and each student must submit an individual lab.  Do NOT share files!

To use the Maple files if they don't just open when you click on the link:

Netscape--click on the file, and a dialogue box will ask you what you want to do.

Internet Explorer--right click on the file, and select "save target as"

In both cases, save the file to your choice of directory, then get into Maple and open the file once you are there.

Note that the labs are generally due the day before an hour test, 

so it is NOT a good idea to leave them until last minute.


The Labs

Due Date
Lab One February 4
Lab Two March 12
Lab Three April 5
Lab Four April 28