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12/12/05 Bad Jo...   I cut and pasted the post on 12/10 from my other class, and forgot to edit it.  Thursday office hours aren't much help for a Tuesday exam, no?  Sorry. OK, here is the correct info:

Extra Office Hours:  Monday, 12/12/05 from 7:00 to 8:30.  Come by my office--if too many people, we will find a room and leave a note for late-comers.   Best to send me problems you would like to see ahead of time if possible.  I will return any homeworks, tests, etc. at this time as well.

EXAM TIME:  Tuesday, 12/13/05 from 9:00-11:30 in our usual class room.

12/10/05 Grades to date are posted--the last homeworks and any revised work have yet to be added, but these can only improve, not hurt, the grade.  I will have extra office hours Thursday from 6 to 7:30 pm.
12/8/05 Study for the final:  You may have  four  8.5 x 11 pages, front and back, of notes to use on the final.  You may bring a calculator.  You may bring the flyleaves from your book.  The testbank sheets from the first takehome test and the sheets we didn't use from the second take home, as well as the inclass midterm exam, are all excellent study guides.
12/5/05 Some graph paper links:
11/28/05 Last Maple lab now posted
11/21/05 Takehome test due date moved to November 30 (Wednesday).
11/17/05 Shell paper revision option--you have the option  to individually revise the group shell paper if you so desire, and can regain up to half the lost points by doing so.  The revision must be turned in NO LATER than December 5.
11/16/05 Grades are now posted--let me know if you need to know your code number.  Also please let me know if any questions.
11/15/05 Shell project addendum--in addition to the actual shell you are modeling, also provide at least one 'fantasy' shell, to be judged on aesthetic principles only.
11/2/05 Here are some Maplets that may be useful for the shells project.  WARNING--do NOT use the Curve Fitting tool inside Maple--it will fit to lines or polynomials, NOT the exponential/logistic curves which you need for this project.

calc1/calc I maplets/ExponentialGrowth.mws

calc1/calc I maplets/LimitedGrowth.mws

calc1/calc I maplets/LogisticGrowth.mws

11/2/05 Some "sexy" maple: 

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/torus

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/surreal shells submit.mws

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/

calc1/maple labs/fancy Maple/

10/28/05 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed. 

John Jungck--Topological Toys, Tinkering Thinking: Knot Theory for the Three R's of DNA. (Details)


10/20/05 Hint for Kepler's laws:  These are done in polar coordinates, so it is a good idea to review chapter 10, in particular equation 4 on pages 680 and 693.
10/19/05 Shell project part II breakdown.  Because this is an intense project, we will break it into two parts, with the first part counting as a Maple lab, and the second part (the complete shell model) counting as the rest of the midterm project.
10/14/05 NOTE DATE CHANGE---  The inclass midterm exam date has been moved from 10/19/05 to Monday 10/24/05.  You may bring photocopies of your flyleaves. two pages  (8.5 x 11, front and back) of notes, and a calculator if you wish.
9/26/05 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed.   E-voting talk  October 24.
90/26/05 To add a little dimensionality to object if you have specified their color, check out the 'light' option under plot3d[options]
9/22/05 IMPORTANT!!  The problems/projects that would normally constitute the challenge problems seem to have shifted into the new labs (and somewhat into the daily homework), so they will no longer be a component of this course.

The revised grading breakdown now is:

Regular homework--12%,  Maple labs--15%, Midterm project--17%,  take home test average --17%, midterm exam--17%,  final exam--22%.

9/14/05 Midterm shell project resources:  There are (or should shortly be) a few books on reserve at the library for this project, however there are considerable resources posted on line:     Shell morphology links
9/14/05 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed.  WolframPoster.pdf
9/7/05 Journal article links--many of the links to journal articles didn't work.  Please resend these links ASAP following these directions:

LINKING to Full Text Articles in Academic Search Premiere

9/6/05 Groups for Lab I and Midterm project  Please check this list (folks are listed by first/last initials--full names on the Class List) to be sure you are in a group for all 4 items.  Let me know ASAP if not.
9/6/05 Midterm Shell  Project--the paper is due October 17, and part II is due November 21. Because this is a very large group project, and because the library resources will be on reserve, there will be no classes the week of October 3rd to allow time to work on this project.
9/5/05 Lab I has been posted.  Also, Reference labs have been posted under Maple Labs--these are helpful for doing the homework, but will not be collected.
8/31/05 HRUMC06

This is a note from George Ashline about the  Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference.

8/27/05 Assignment (Due Friday, Sept 2 by class time):  Get on the web and see what you can find out about mathematical models of shells (e.g. sea shells).   Send me links to the three sites you find most interesting. 

Then find references for three good PRINT sources (e.g. books/journal articles) of information about this.  Send me information  on email about the 3 (eg. link to book on or abstract of journal article), and indicate whether it is available in our library or not.


Here is a “crash course” in Maple.  Please work through these by September 5th  and turn in the exercises then, except for the extra credit in part 4 which I will accept anytime before October 14--this is the math we will use for the seashells.  Keep these Intros handy as references for the homework and future labs.

Maple Intro Calc III part 1--Basics,

Maple Intro Calc III part 2--Graphing,

Maple Intro Calc III part 3—Diff and Int,

Maple Intro Calc III part 4--Vectors



Tweetle Beetles


!!Hudson River Talks!!  

Please consider participating in the Hudson River Undergraduate Conference--talk to me about topic possibilities ASAP if you are even remotely interested.   This is a lot of fun, and it is exciting to do the exploration leading up to the talk.  Extra credit may be negotiated.  You can see some previous years' talks at student talks. More information about the event (including deadlines) is at


If you find you are a little rusty after the summer, here are some review suggestions.

For calc I, see . Under announcements, look at the study guide for the final. There are lots of drill and practices. Anything you don't understand, go to the inclass demos for review. For Calc II, the techniques of integration, polar coordinates, and parameterized functions are VERY important, but the sequences and series stuff is less so. A good integration review can be found at .


A note from math dept chair Jim H:

Welcome back and hello,

For many years we've run math help sessions at night. These provide a chance for students in calculus classes, or in the 101 and 102 classes, to get somy help with their material on a drop-in basis. These sessions are staffed by students, so this is where you come in!

Are you interested in working one or two? We always pair people up, so you won't be lonely, and we get many people who have done it before that come back again, so it must be fun. If you have had through Calc III, and would be interested in making a little extra money (I am told, about $7-$8 per hour), working one or two nights in a one-on-one or small group setting, then I'd like to hear from you. Tell me what classes you've had, please, and what nights you could work.

Also, we are looking for folks who might be interested in grading homeworks or quizzes. You work with a faculty member, again in conjunction with a calculus, or 101, or 102 class. You will be grading quizzes or homework papers, following the instructions of the course instructor. If you are interested in this, please also write and tell me which classes you've had.

Thanks, Jim Hefferon. 


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