Maple Demos

Here you will find copies of the inclass Maple demos, section specific Maplets, helpful hints, and solutions to Maple homework questions.

To use the Maple files: Usually if you just click on a link, the Maple file will open.  Otherwise, try the following:

Netscape--click on the file, and a dialogue box will ask you what you want to do.

Internet Explorer--right click on the file, and select "save target as"

In both cases, save the file to your choice of directory, then get into Maple and open the file once you are there.

NOTE:  Links marked with a * indicate solutions to homework exercises--for obvious reasons, these links will only be active after the homework has been collected!

Chapters 12 and 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16

The following website has a good Java applet for looking at torque.  Open it by double clicking on it, then scroll down to 'cross product' and click on 'in vivo'.  There's bunch of stuff just like what we've done in class, plus a nice interactive graphic under torque. 

Chapters 12 and 13

Section 12.1
Section 12.1 no 39 and random stuff sec12-1 no 39

 Section 12.2 Practice Maplet

 Section 12.4 good crossproduct and torque info crossproduct and torque 
Section 12.5 vector line  vector plane

 Section 12.6 plot3d example

Click Here

Section 12.6 implicit plot3d example Click Here
 Section 12.6 Cone Maplet ConeWithTraces.mws
 Section 12.6 Ellipsoid Maplet EllipsoidWithTraces.mws
 Section 12.6 Hyperboloid of one sheet Maplet HyperboloidOneWithTraces.mws
 Section 12.6 Hyperboloid of two sheets Maplet HyperboloidTwoWithTraces.mws
Section 12.6 quadric surface identifier  Maplet QuadricSurfaces.mws

* Section 12.6 hmwk

click here

* Section 12.6  no 47

Click here

 Section 12.7

Click Here
 Section 12.7 Maplet FamilesOfSurfaces.mws

* Section 12.7  no 63

click here
Electron orbits newdorbs.mws, porbs.mws, sorbs.mws
Orbit Maplet hydrogen_3d_contours.mws

 Section 13.1

Click Here
 Section 13.1 examples Click Here
Section 13.1 VectorCalculus package Click Here
 Maplet 13.1 Spacecurve Maplet
* Section 13.1 hmwk Click Here
 Section 13.2 Click Here
* Section 13.2 hmwk click here
*Section 13.3 no 15 Click Here
 Section 13.3 no 38 (44 in 5th ed) Click Here
 Section 13.3 (Maple 8-TNB and Osc. Circ animation) Click Here
* Section 13.3 no 29 (31 in 5th ed) click here
* Section 13.3 no 37 (no 43 in 5th ed) click here
Section 13.3 TNB example click here
 Section 13.3 TNB Maplet Frenet(TNB)Frame.mws
Section 13.3 Osculating circle Maplet OsculatingCircle.mws
* Section 13.3 no 25 (27 in 5th ed) click here
Section 13.3 no 40 Frenet Frame (TNB) example


Chapter 14

Surface Plotter


 Section 14.1 LevelCurve Maplet 


 Section 14.1 LevelCurve Maplet 


* Section 14.1 hmwk

(Use MultiLevelCurves maplet)
 Section 14.1 surfaces Click Here
Section 14.1 level curve plot click here
 Section 14.1 #38 Click Here
 Section 14.1 #48,50 Click Here
 Section 14.1 surface with parameters Click Here
 Section 14.1 #70 animate surface with parmenters Click Here
Section 14.1 Families of Surfaces Maplet FamilesOfSurfaces.mws

 Section 14.3 Partial Derivative Maplet (Maple 8 only)


 Section 14.3

Click Here

 Section 14.3 #82

Click Here

*Section 14.3 #87

Click here

 Section 14.4 tangent plane Maplet (Maple 8 only)


 Section 14.4

Click Here

 Section 14.7

Click Here

 Section 14.7 Max/Min Maplet (plotter may not work--use 3D plotter above instead)

Section 14.7 with boundary conditions, plus limits Examples for chpt 14.mws


Chapter 15

 Section 15.1


*  Section 15.3  #28


*  Section 15.3  #31

Click Here

 Section 15.3 #32

Click Here

Section 15.4

Click Here

* Section 15.6 #17


 Section 15.6

Click Here

 Section 15.7

Click Here

* Section 15.7 no 39

calc3/In Class Maple Demos/sec15-7no39.mws

Section 15.8 Triple Integral Practice Maplet


Chapter 16

 Section 16.1

Click Here
 Section 16.1 2DVectorField.mws
 Section 16.1 3DVectorField.mws
 Section 16.1 2DGradientVectorField.mws
 Section 16.1 3DGradientVectorField.mws

 Section 16.2


 Section 16.2


Section 16.2  no 25 start

Click Here

* Section 16.2  no 28


 Section 16.2

Click Here

 Section 16.4 no 5

Click Here

 Section 16.5-div grad curl pix

curlpix.pdf , graddivcurl1.pdf

 Section 16.6

Click Here

* Section 16.7  #32


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