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Much of the online material is taken from Visual Calculus--please visit this site and explore--there are many worked examples and drills in addition to great tutorials and graphics.  If you find you need to review precalculus basics, try 


Chapter 6

Chapter 7 

Chapter 8 

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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Course Objectives Slides
Chapter 6
review sec7-1 no,   2calc1-17-06.pdf, 2calc1-17-06.xbk,   2calc1-16-06.pdf, 2calc1-16-06.xbk, VC differentiation formulas, VC differentiation practice quiz, (HOMEWORK!)   VC antiderivatives,  VC table of integrals,  VC definite integrals drill, VC U-substitution, VC substitution drill, VC squares drill 
7.6 sneak preview...2calc1-23-06.xbk2calc1-23-06.pdf, 2calc1-20-06.pdf,, 2calc08-30-05.xbk, 2calc08-29-05.pdf
6.1 2calc1-25-06.pdf, 2calc1-25-06.xbk, 2calc1-24-06.pdf, 2calc1-24-06.xbk,, 2calc09-02-05.pdf, 2calc09-02-05.xbk, VC area between curves
6.2   VC volumes, 2calc1-30-06.pdf, 2calc1-30-06.xbk,   2calc1-27-06.pdf, 2calc1-27-06.xbk,   2calc09-05-05.xbk, 2calc09-05-05.pdf,, 2calc09-06-05.xbk, 2calc09-06-05.pdf, 2calc09-07-05.xbk, 2calc09-07-05.pdf
6.3 nt2-1-06.pdf, nt2-1-06.xbk,     2calc1-31-06.pdf, 2calc1-31-06.xbk, withStudentcommand.mwVC volumes, sec6-3, 2calc09-09-05.xbk, 2calc09-09-05.pdf,
6.4-5 2calc2-8-06.pdf, 2calc2-8-06.xbk, 2calc2-7-06.pdf, 2calc2-7-06.xbk, 2calc2-5-06.pdf, 2calc2-5-06.xbk, 2calc2-3-06.pdf, 2calc2-3-06.xbk,   2calc09-12-05.pdf, 2calc09-12-05.xbk


Chapter 7
7.1 2calc2-10-06.pdf, 2calc2-10-06.xbk, calc09-13-05.pdf, 2calc09-13-05.xbk, VC reduction formulas, VC drill problems
7.2  2calc2-13-06.pdf, 2calc2-13-06.xbk 2calc09-14-05.pdf, 2calc09-14-05.xbk
7.3 2calc2-14-06.pdf, 2calc2-14-06.xbk, VC substitution drill, VC tan and sec (no 10 and 11), VC trig sub drill,   2calc09-16-05.xbk, 2calc09-16-05.pdf, 2calc09-19-05.xbk, 2calc09-19-05.pdf
7.4 polynomial long division review  2calc2-24-06.pdf, 2calc2-24-06.xbk, 2calc2-22-06.pdf, 2calc2-22-06.xbk nt2-17-06.pdf, nt2-17-06.xbk, VC partial fractions, VC examples, VC drill, VC drill2, sec7-4partial, 2calc09-20-05.xbk, 2calc09-20-05.pdf, 2calc09-21-05.xbk, 2calc09-21-05.pdf
7.8 2calc3-1-06.pdf, 2calc3-1-06.xbk, 2calc2-28-06.pdf, 2calc2-28-06.xbk, 2calc2-27-06.pdf, 2calc2-27-06.xbk, sec7-8, 2calc09-23--05.xbk, 2calc09-23-05.pdf, VC improper integrals I, VC drill , VC drill 2, VC improper intergrals II, 2calc09-26-05.xbk, 2calc09-26-05.pdf, 2calc09-27-05.xbk


Chapter 8
8.1 2calc3-3-06.pdf, 2calc3-3-06.xbk, VC arclength, 2calc09-28-05.xbk, 2calc09-28-05.pdf, sec8-1 no


Chapter 9.
9.1 2calc3-20-06.pdf, 2calc3-20-06.xbk,    2calc10-12-05.pdf, 2calc10-12-05.xbk
9.2 2calc3-21-06.pdf,  2calc3-21-06.xbk

  sec9-2, 2calc10-14-05.xbk, 2calc10-14-05.pdf

9.3 2calc3-22-06.pdf, 2calc3-22-06.xbk,, sec9-3 no, sec9-3 no, 2calc10-21-05.xbk, 2calc10-21-05.pdf,

sec9-3 no 44.pdf


Chapter 11
11.1 2calc3-29-06.xbk, 2cal3-29-06.pdf, 2calc3-28-06.pdf, 2calc3-28-06.xbk, 2calc3-27-06.pdf, 2calc3-27-06.xbk, VC sequences , sec11-1, 2calc10-24-05.xbk, 2calc10-24-05.pdf
11.2 2calc4-03-06.pdf, 2calc4-03-06.xbk, 2calc3-31-06.pdf, 2calc3-31-06.xbk, VC series, VC basic convergence drill,  sec11-2 no, sec 11-2 no, 2calc10-26-05.xbk, 2calc10-26-05.pdf
11.3 2calc4-7-06.pdf, 2calc4-7-06.xbk, 2calc4-04-06.pdf, 2calc4-4-06.xbk, 2calc4-5-06.pdf, 2calc4-5-06.xbk, 2calc10-28-05.pdf, 2calc10-28-05.xbk, 2calc10-31-05.xbk, 2calc10-31-05.pdf, VC integral test, VC integral remainder estimates, VC integral test drill 
11.4 2calc4-10-06.pdf, 2calc4-10-06.xbk, 2calc11-1-05.pdf, 2calc11-1-05.xbk, 2calc11-2-05.xbk, 2calc11-2-05.pdf, VC comparison test, VC limit comparison test,VC limit comparison test drill, 2calc11-4-05.xbk, 2calc11-4-05.pdf
11.5 2calc04-11-06.xbk, 2calc4-11-06.pdf, VC alternating series, VC alternating series drill, 2calc11-07-05.xbk, 2calc11-07-05.pdf,, 2calc11-8-05.xbk, 2calc11-8-05.pdf
11.6 2calc4-18-06.pdf, 2calc4-18-06.xbk, 2calc04-12-06.xbk, 2calc4-12-06.pdf,   VC ratio test, VC ratio test drill, VC absolute convergence, 2calc11-09-05.xbk, 2calc11-09-05.pdf
11.7 VC overview drill
11.8 2calc5-2-06.pdf, 2calc5-2-06.xbk VC power series 2calc11-11-05.xbk, 2calc11-11-05.pdf, 2calc11-14-05.xbk, 2calc11-14-05.pdf, 2calc11-15-05.pdf, 2calc11-15-05.xbk, sec11-8
11.9 2calc5-3-06.pdf, 2calc5-3-06.xbk VC int and diff of power series2calc11-16-05.xbk, 2calc11-16-05.pdf, sec 11-9 no
11.10 2calc5-5-06.pdf, 2calc5-5-06.xbk, VC taylor series , sec11-10, 2calc11-18-05.xbk, 2calc11-18-05.pdf, 2calc11-22-05.xbk, 2calc11-22-05.pdf, 2calc11-28-05.xbk, 2calc11-28-05.pdf


Chapter 10
10.1  2calc04-19-06.pdf, 2calc04-19-06.xbk, maple parametric curves, sec 10-1, 2calc11-29-05a.xbk, 2calc11-28-05a.pdf, 2calc11-29-05.xbk
10.2 2calc04-24-06.pdf, 2calc04-24-06.xbk, 2calc04-21-06.pdf, 2calc04-21-06.xbk,   2calc11-30-05.pdf, 2calc11-30-05.xbk, sec10-2, sec 10-2 no, sec10-2 no, 2calc12-05-05.xbk, 2calc12-05-05.pdf
10.3 2calc04-25-06.pdf, 2calc04-25-06.xbk 2calc12-02-05.pdf, 2calc12-02-05.xbk, sec 10-3, 2calc12-06-05.xbk, 2calc12-06-05.pdf
10.4,   2calc04-28-06.pdf, 2calc04-28-06.xbk2calc04-26-06.pdf, 2calc04-26-06.xbk sec 10-4, 2calc12-09-05.pdf, 2calc12-09-05.xbk