Calculus II

Firstday Handout Homework

Sections Due

Maple Labs

In-class Maple Examples

Help Sessions




Final Exam: Thurs., May 4th, 1-3:30pm, in STE 106.


Final Exam Review Session, Sunday, April 30th, 3:00-4:30pm in JEM 391


Exam III will be on Wednesday, 4/12. Topics covered: 9.3-9.5 and          10.1 - 10.4.


Reminder: Wednesday we meet in Maple Lab to do Maple Lab 4


Reminder: Maple Lab 3 due Wed. Exam revisions due on Thurs.


Exam III date changed to 4/12.


Due date extended for Maple Lab III to March 29th. Please see me during office hours or make an appointment, if you have any questions.


Catherine Bliss's Office Hours: By appt. 7:30-8:30 MWF; 9:30-11:30 MW; 9:30-10:30 and 12:45-1:45 F


Maternity Leave:  Cathy Bliss (contact her at will be teaching your class from now on.  Everything else stays the same---the time, the syllabus, the grading, etc. Click here for baby pix...


For the test on Thursday:  You may bring photo copies of the fly leaf and the inverse/hyperbolic trig hand out, and one page (front and back) of notes.  You may start the exam at 8:00 if you wish.


Extra Help Session.  I will be in the room next to my office to help with Maple labs, homework, study for the next hour test, etc., on Sunday, March 12, from 5 to 7 pm.

It is important to collect accurate information about any computer problems related to this class.  If you encounter any difficulties with the web-site or any course related software, please send me an email note detailing:

1.  The time and date

2.  What computer you were using (at least which lab, but better if you can identify the computer).

3.  What account you were using (were you logged on as yourself or as someone else).

4. What software you were using.

5.  Exactly what messed up.  Paste a copy of error messages into a word document using control-print screen, and send me the document if possible.  Send me a copy of the file you were using when the problem occurred.  The more info, the better....

Thank you very much.  Your data will make trouble-shooting much, much easier!

2/24 Grades are posted by ID # on the bulletin board outside my office.  Please check for accuracy, and see me if you have any questions.
2/4 You may compile one sheet of notes (front and back) to use on the first hour test.  Please DO NOT include differentiation formulas for anything except possibly the inverse trig and hyperbolic functions.  Otherwise, you may put anything else you want.
2/4 There was an error on the lab days on the first day hand out.  They should be 2/9, 2/23, 3/15, 4/5, and 4/19.
2/2 Homeworks are returned in a box in the foyer to my office. This is where they will regularly be.  Please pick them up.
2/2 The first Maple Lab is posted.  Try to do as much as possible before the lab date so you can use the lab time for any questions or difficulties you may run into.
1/31 Click Here for class list and how to contact your classmates.
1/28 Click Here for info on how to be notified automatically of any new changes to this website (how to subscribe to the site).
1/28 Help sessions have been moved permanently to STE 105. They still are from 7:30 to 9:00 Monday through Thursday.
1/25 Help sessions the week of 1/24 only will be in STE 105 instead of 106.
1/16 There will be no class on Thursday., 1/19