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Fall 2005


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12/12/05 Test, the rest of the homeworks, etc. are available in my office as of now--come by any time today or tomorrow afternoon to pick them up.
12/10/05 Grades to date are posted--the last homeworks and any revised work have yet to be added, but these can only improve, not hurt, the grade.  I will have extra office hours Thursday from 6 to 7:30 pm.
12/8/05 Study for the final:   The final will cover:  6.1-6.5, 7.1-7.4, 7.6, 7.8, 8.1, 9.1-9.3, 11.1-11.10, 10.1-10.4, with emphasis on chapters 10 and 11.

You may have  four 8.5 x 11 pages, front and back, of notes to use on the final, as well as the flyleaves from your text.  You may bring a NON-GRAPHING, NON-PROGRAMABLE calculator.  The problems from the two takehome tests, as well as the inclass midterm exam, are all excellent study guides.  In addition you may find the textbook practice quizzes useful, as well as the Visual Calc drills, useful:  Final Exam Study Tips

12/5/05 Some graph paper links:
11/28/05 Last Maple lab now posted
11/21/05 Takehome test due date moved to November 30 (Wednesday).
11/18/05 Here are a couple of  the chaos papers--

The Chaos of Population Growth

The Mandelbrot Set

11/16/05 Grades are now posted--let me know if you need to know your code number.  Also please let me know if any questions.
11/15/05 Addendum to Mandelbrot set project--include printouts of the whole set as well as 2 additional particularly cool looking zooms.
10/28/05 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed. 

John Jungck--Topological Toys, Tinkering Thinking: Knot Theory for the Three R's of DNA. (Details)

10/24/05 This is a Maple example that may be useful for the Mandelbrot set project:  sec11-2 no 8 with proc
10/17/05 The midterm exam will be cumulative and will cover  sections 6.1-6.5, 7.1-7.4, 7.6, 7.8, 8.1, and 9.1-9.2.

Study Tips.

Many of the problems are multiple choice, very similar to the book tutorials.  None require a calculator (or even hardly any computation).  Several ask you to set up a problem with out actually carrying out the integration.  On some you will need to integrate, but you will have your notes and the flyleaves.  The best way to study is to do a good job making up your sheet of notes and then to do lots of problems.

10/14/05 Inclass Midterm test:  You may bring photocopies of your flyleaves and one page (8.5 x 11, front and back) of notes.  You may NOT bring a graphing calculator.
Hint for Lab II:

Maple will often freeze when trying to do an arclength integral because, as I think I mentioned in class,  arclength is often just ugly.

 However, you can get Maple to use numerical methods to get a good estimate.


  > evalf(Int(        ));

 Note the capital  I  in the Int command (otherwise enter stuff just like for int).

9/26/05 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed.   E-voting talk October 24.
9/22/05 IMPORTANT!!  The problems/projects that would normally constitute the challenge problems seem to have shifted into the new labs (and somewhat into the daily homework), so they will no longer be a component of this course.

The revised grading breakdown now is:

Regular homework--12%,  Maple labs--15%, Midterm project--17%,  take home test average --17%, midterm exam--17%,  final exam--22%.

9/20/05 The second maple lab has been posted.  It will be due after we have covered section 8.1 in class.
9/14/05 Many books for the midterm chaos project are now on reserve at the library with new books being added as they arrive.  Here also is the list of links people found.  However, some folks have not yet 'fixed' their links (see 9/7/05 post below) so some may not work.  If any are yours please fix them ASAP.  If you find any additional links, please send them to me right away so I can post them for the rest of the class.  Chaos links
9/14/04 Enjoyable extra credit opportunity:  Extra credit is available for attending this talk and writing a paragraph or two describing the material discussed.  WolframPoster.pdf
9/7/05 Journal article links--many of the links to journal articles didn't work.  Please resend these links ASAP following these directions:

LINKING to Full Text Articles in Academic Search Premiere

9/6/05 Groups for Lab I and Midterm project  Please check this list (folks are listed by first/last initials--full names on the Class List) to be sure you are in a group for all 4 items.  Let me know ASAP if not.
9/6/05 Midterm Chaos Project--the paper is due October 17, and parts II and III are due November 21.  Because this is a very large group project, and because the library resources will be on reserve, there will be no classes the week of October 3rd to allow time to work on this project.
9/5/05 Lab I has been posted and is due Monday, October 19.

A discount is available if you would like to purchase your own copy of Maple.  For $75, the package includes:

  • Maple 10 Student Edition (single user, standalone license)
  • Maple 10 User Manual and Maple 10 Getting Started Guide
  • Precalculus Interactive Study Guide
  • Calculus Study Guide
Start Date: Monday, September 05, 2005
End Date: Friday, December 16, 2005
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Use the Promotion Code specific to your location to purchase a download copy of Maple 10 Student Edition from the Maplesoft Webstore at a discounted price. Promotion Codes are valid from 2 weeks before the course start date until the course ends.
8/31/05 HRUMC06

This is a note from George Ashline about the  Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference.

8/27/05 Assignment (Due Friday, Sept 2 by class time):  Get on the web and see what you can find out about the Mandelbrot set, chaos, and fractals.   Send me links to the three sites you find most interesting. 

Then find references for three good PRINT sources (e.g. books/journal articles) of information about these topics.  Send me information  on email about the 3 (eg. link to book on or abstract of journal article), and indicate whether it is available in our library or not.


Here is a “crash course” in Maple.  Please work through these by September 5th  and turn in the exercises from parts 1 and 3.  You may work with a study partner on this, but each person must turn in their own work following the guidelines for Maple LabsKeep these Intros handy as references for the homework and future labs.

Maple Intro Calc III part 1--Basics,

Maple Intro Calc III part 2--Graphing,

Maple Intro Calc III part 3—Diff and Int,


The Student Resource Center runs excellent workshops every semester on study skills, time management, test-taking techniques, etc.  For details: SRC study skills  


The postings on this site have all been tested and all work.  If you have any difficulty getting material off this site, you can try any of the following:

1.  See if someone in your study group was able to print the file you want and make a photocopy of it.

2.  Try using one of the lab computers in case the problem is with how your own computer is configured.

3.  Using Explorer, right click on the link, select "save target as", then save the file to your home computer.  You should be able to open and print it from there.

4.  Contact the IT Helpdesk at 2020 or Cynthia Kelley at 654-2756 or  She is the person for website trouble shooting.