In Class Maple Demos

Here are copies of any demos that were done in class.

To use the Maple files:  Netscape--click on the file, and a dialogue box will ask you what you want to do. Internet Explorer--right click on the file, and select "save target as".  In both cases, save the file to your choice of directory, then get into Maple and open the file once you are there.


Chapter 6

Section 6.3 (animated rotations for cylindrical shells)

Chapter 7

Section 7.7  (using Maple to integrate)

Section 7.7 blooper  (where it looked like my answer and Maple's answer for the antiderivative of sin(ln(x)) were different.  Turns out they are both the same--here are the details)

Chapter 9

Section 9.1 (graphing parametric equations)

Section 9.4 (polar curves)