Here is a complete list of the Senior Seminar talks to be given this semester.

**All talks are at 2:30 p.m.

**The Wednesday talks are in Jeanmarie 281; **the Monday talks are in SE 102

Seminar students!

The descriptions have, in some cases, been taken from the proposals you handed in several weeks ago – if you would like me to update the title or description before I post this on the bulletin board, please let me know!

Faculty! – Please encourage Junior and Sophomore math majors to attend some of these talks!


Wednesday, March 23 – Diana Coulter

Game, Set, Match: Predicting the Outcomes of Tennis Matches.

The talk will describe how probability and computer science can be used to predict the outcomes of a tennis match.

Wednesday March 30 – Kathryn Ennist

Dynamical Systems: The Period Three Theorem

The talk will discuss periodicity in dynamical systems and will include a proof of Li and Yorke’s famous result which is often summarized as “period three implies chaos”.

Monday April 4 – Amanda Dargie

The Four Color Theorem

The talk will include a proof of the four color theorem along with some examples and applications.

Wednesday April 6 -- Jess Scheld


The talk will cover various aspects of fractals including fractal dimension and some applications of fractals.

  • Friday April 8 –Megan Tatro – J281
  • How to Win at Final Jeopardy: A Game Theoretic Approach
  • The talk will begin with basic definitions and principles involved in game theory and then provide betting strategies for a 2-player game of Final Jeopardy that players might use if they were knowledgeable in game theory.
  • Wednesday April 13 – Gordon Hines

    Fibonacci Numbers and Some Interesting Applications

    The presentation will consist of the Linear Algebra proof of a method for finding Fn, a background of Fibonacci numbers and some examples of how they are found in nature, as well as some examples of how the golden ratio arises from this,

    Wednesday April 20 – Cody Tietgens

    Tiling with Dominoes

    The talk will cover some properties of complete sets of Western Dominoes and tiling rectangles with them.