Note:  If you have trouble with this at all, please call 2020 (the technology help desk), and they will help you out.

If you wish to access Maple from your computer in your room (and you have Windows 95, 98, ME,  2000 or XP), you can run Maple by mapping to a network drive and performing a "client install" on your machine. This is done as follows:


How to install Maple 9.5 client


Map R: drive to \\raptor\maple95

1) Open the My Computer icon on desktop.

2) Click Tools on the toolbar menu.

3) Click on Map a Network Drive.

4) You can use whichever drive letter you wish (R: is a good choice). In the folder box, enter \\raptor\maple95 (Hint:  \\\maple95 seems to work if \\raptor\mapl95 does not work)

5) Make sure the box labeled "Reconnect at logon" is NOT checked. (You will need to map this network drive only once.)

6) Click on “different user name.”

7) Type in MIKENET\ and then your username followed, in the next box, by your MIKENET password.

            Example MIKENET\mknight

8) Click Finish




Click on the following link:

1) \\\maple95

2) When (If) prompted please type in MIKENET\<username> and your MIKENET password.

            Example MIKENET\mknight


When the Maple 9.5 folder opens, Double-Click on the Client folder.  You will now see a Setup icon. Double-Click on Setup


The Maple 9.5 installer will now start



            Click Next>

Choose Install Folder

            Leave Default (C:\Program Files\Maple 9.5)

            Choose Next>

Client or Server

            Select No

            Choose Next>

License Manager Server

            Server Name:

            Choose Next>

Choose Profile Mode

            Select Multi-user Profile

            Choose Next>

Pre-Installation Summary

            Choose Install

Install Complete

            Select Yes, restart my system

            Choose Done


When Maple comes up, you will see a window labeled Maple 9.5 - [Untitled (1)-[Server 1]]. This is your new Maple worksheet. The cursor will be at the Maple prompt  


which indicates that it is in INPUT mode, ready to accept commands from you.


As you type commands, corrections can be made using the "backspace" and "delete" keys. The cursor can be moved using the arrow keys or the mouse (point to desired location and click).