Here are links to the materials that were shown in class.

Our classnotes are given by date at the beginning of the line and are PDF files--if they don't open for you, you need to install adobe acrobat to read them.

Much of the online material is taken from Visual Calculus--please visit this site and explore--there are many worked examples and drills in addition to great tutorials and graphics.  If you find you need to review precalculus basics, try 


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Course Objectives Slides
Chapter 1
1.1 calc I jan-13-09.notebook, calc I jan-13-09.pdf, calc I jan-14-09.notebook, calc I jan-14-09.pdf

calcI09-02-08.notebook, CalcI09-02-08.pdf, calcI09-03-08.notebook,  CalcI09-03-08.pdf, calcI 08-30-06.notebook, calcI 08-30-06.pdfcalcI 8-29-06.notebook, calcI 8-29-06.pdf   sec1_1 define a function.mwcalc01-21-05.pdf, calc01-21-05.xbkcalc01-19-05.xbk, calc01-19-05.pdf, calc01-17-05.xbkcalc01-17-05.pdf,   calc9-1-04.xbk,  calc9-1-04.pdf, calc9-3-04.pdf ,calc9-3-04.xbk, Maple ExampleVC definitions of functions, VC piecewise functionsVC piecewise functions on MapleVC symmetric functions,SmartBoardsec1_1, smartboardAIA_example

1.2 calc I jan-16-09.notebook, calc I jan-16-09.pdf

calcI09-05-08.notebook, CalcI09-05-08.pdf, calcI 09-01-06.notebook, calcI 09-01-06.pdf, calcI 09-04-06.notebook, calcI 09-04-06.pdf, calc01-24-05.pdf, calc01-24-05.xbk,maple,    calc9-6-04.pdf calc9-6-04.xbk , VC polys, VC rationals, VC trig idents, power and trig graphs on Maple , an nice trig review, polynomial manipulation on Maple

1.3 calc I jan-19-09.notebook, calc I jan-19-09.pdf,

calc1/inclass notes F08/calcI09-08-08.notebook, calc1/inclass notes F08/CalcI09-08-08.pdf, calcI 09-06-06.notebook, calcI 09-06-06.pdf, calcI 09-05-06.notebook, calcI 09-05-06.pdf, composition of functions applet calc01-25-05.pdf,  calc01-25-05.xbk, VC geo trans of functions, VC compositions of functions , LiveMath adding functions

1.4 skip
1.5 calc I jan-21-09.notebook, calc I jan-21-09.pdf

calcI09-12-08.notebook, CalcI09-12-08.pdf, calcI 09-11-06.notebook, calcI 09-11-06.pdf, plot two, sec 1-5 plot solve,   calc01-26-05.pdf, calc01-26-05.xbk,,calc 9-8-04.xbk, calc9-8-04.pdf ,sec 1-5 class egs on Maple , VC exponential funct, smartboardsec1_5, sec1_5hmwkegs

1.6 calc I jan-26-09.notebook, calc I jan-26-09.pdfcalc I jan-23-09.notebook, calc I jan-23-09.pdf

calcI09-16-08.notebook, CalcI09-16-08.pdf, calcI09-15-08.notebook, CalcI09-15-08.pdf, calcI 09-12-06.notebook, calcI 09-12-06.pdf,, calc01-28-05.pdf, cacl01-28-05.xbk,    Maple sec1-6 homework calc9-13-04.pdf, calc9-13-04.xbk,, calc9-10-04.pdf, calc9-10-04.xbkMaple sec1-6 class egs.mwVC inverses, VC logs, exp(x) and ln(x) on Maple, sec1_6 no 53 on Maple, smartboardsec1_6, sec1-6hmwkegs


Chapter 2
2.1 calcI09-17-08.notebook, CalcI09-17-08.pdf

Maple sec2-1 class, Read independently

2.2 calc I jan-27-09.notebook, calc I jan-27-09.pdf, calc I jan-28-09.notebook, calc I jan-28-09.pdf, Maple egs

calcI 09-15-06.notebook, calcI 09-15-06.pdfcalcI 09-13-05.notebook, calcI 09-13-05.pdf, calcI09-19-08.notebook, CalcI09-19-08.pdf, calc01-31-05.pdf, calc01-31-05.pdf, calc9-15-04.pdf, calc9-15-04.xbk,   VC numerical intro to limits, VC graphical approach to limits, sec 2_2 no 40 on Maple, smartboardsec2_2,  VC piecewise functions on Maple,

2.3 calcI09-23-08.notebook, CalcI09-23-08.pdf calcI09-22-08.notebook, CalcI09-22-08.pdf, calc I jan-30-09.notebook, calc I jan-30-09.pdf

calcI 09-20-06.notebook, calcI 09-20-06.pdf, calcI 09-18-06.pdf, calcI 09-18-06.notebook, calc02-01-05.pdf, calc02-01-05.xbk,, calc9-17-04.pdf, calc9-17-04.xbk ,Maple sec2-3 pinching, VC Intro to limits, VC Limit Theorems, smartboardsec2-3, smartboardsec2-3a



calc I feb-02-09.notebook, calc I Feb-02-09.pdf, calc I feb-06-09.notebook, calc I Feb-06-09.pdf,

calcI09-24-08.notebook, CalcI09-24-08.pdf, calcI 09-27-06.notebook, calcI 09-27-06.pdf, calcI 09-25-06.notebook, calcI 09-25-06.pdf, calcI 09-22-06.notebook, calcI 09-22-06.pdf, calcI 09-25-06.notebook, calcI 09-25-06.pdf, calcI09-26-08.notebook, CalcI09-26-08.pdf, function with, calc02-11-05.pdf, calc02-11-05.xbkMaple, calc02-09-05.pdf,calc02-09-05.xbkcalc02-07-05.xbk, calc02-07-05.pdf,calc02-04-05.pdf, calc02-04-05.xbk, calc02-02-05.pdf, calc02-02-05.xbk calc9-29-04.pdf, calc9-29-04.xbk, calc9-22-04.pdf, calc9-22-04.xbk, Maple sec2-4 no, calc9-20-04.pdf,calc9-20-04.xbk delta-epsilon applet VC defn of limits, sec 2_4 no 7on Maple, VC vertical asymptotes (infinite limits), smartboardsec2_4, smartboardsec2_4a

2.5 calc I feb-10-09.notebook, calc I Feb-10-09.pdfcalc I feb-09-09.notebook, calc I Feb-09-09.pdf

calcI10-01-08.notebook, CalcI10-01-08.pdf, calcI 10-03-08.notebook, calcI 10-03-08.pdf, /Maple 2-5, calcI 10-03-06.notebook, calcI 10-03-06.pdf, calcI 09-29-06.notebook, calcI 09-29-06.pdf, calcI 10-02-06.notebook, calcI 10-02-06.pdf,, calc9-27-04.pdf, calc9-27-04.xbk, calc9-24-04.pdf, calc9-24-04.xbk, VC continuous functions, VC properties of continuous functions (bisection method optional), smartboardsec2-5, smartboardsec2-5a

2.6  calc I feb-13-09.notebook, calc I Feb-13-09.pdf, calc I feb-11-09.notebook, calc I Feb-11-09.pdf

calcI 10-04-06.notebook, calcI 10-04-06.pdf, Maple 2-6, CalcI10-05-08.pdf, calcI10-06-08.notebook, calc02-14-05.pdf, calc10-1-04.pdf, calc10-1-04.xbk, Maple, Maplesec2-6.mwMaple sec2-6 VC Horizontal asymptotesLimits on Maple, smartboardsec2-6

2.7 Note:  The 6th edition combined 2.7 and 2.8 in the 5th edition into one section.  So both 2.7 and 2.8 from previous years apply to our 2.7.  Also, 2.8 in the 6th edition is the same stuff that was in 2.9 in the 5th edition.

\calc I feb-23-09.notebook, calc I Feb-23-09.pdfcalc I feb-20-09.notebook, calc I Feb-20-09.pdf

calcI 10-10-08.notebook, CalcI 10-10-08.pdf, 2-7 no, calcI 10-08-08.notebook, CalcI 10-08-08.pdf, calcI 10-07-08.notebook, calcI 10-07-08.pdf, calcI 10-06-06.notebook, calcI 10-06-06.pdf Maple,  calc02-15-05.pdf, calc02-15-05.xbkcalc10-04-04.pdf, calc10-04-04.xbk  VC Tangent Lines, Animated Tangent on Maple, smartboardsec2-7

2.8 This is material mostly for 2.7 in the 6th edition

calcI 10-18-06 sec 2-8.notebook, calcI 10-18-06 sec 2-8.pdf, calcI 10-17-06.notebook, calcI 10-17-06.pdf, calcI 10-16-06.notebook, calcI 10-16-06.pdf, Maple, calc02-16-05.pdf, calc02-16-05.xbk,   Maple,   VC derivative at a point, smartboardsec2-8, sec2-8a

2.9 This is material for 2.8 in the 6th edition.

calc I feb-25-09.notebook, calc I Feb-25-09.pdfcalc I feb-24-09.notebook, calc I Feb-24-09.pdf

calcI 10-15-08.notebook, CalcI 10-15-08.pdf, calcI 10-23-06.notebook, calcI 10-23-06.pdfcalcI 10-20-06.notebook, calcI 10-20-06.pdf, calcI 10-18-06 sec 2-9.notebook, calcI 10-18-06 sec 2-9.pdf, calc2-25-5.pdf, calc2-18-05.xbk calc02-18-05.pdfcalc 10-6-04.pdf, calc 10-6-04.xbk, Maple   VC defn of derivative



Chapter 3
3.1 calc I feb-27-09.notebook, calc I Feb-27-09.pdf

calc1/inclass notes F08/calcI 10-21-08.notebook, calc1/inclass notes F08/CalcI 10-21-08.pdf, calcI 10-22-08.notebook, CalcI 10-22-08.pdf, calcI 10-25-06.notebook, calcI 10-25-06.pdf, calcI 10-24-06.notebook, F06/calcI 10-24-06.pdf, calc02-28-05.xbk, calc2-28-5.pdf, calc10-13-04.pdf,calc10-13-04.xbkcalc10-8-04.pdf, calc10-8-04.xbk, VC diff rules (including power rule),   VC differentiating exp(x)    differentiating exp(x) on Maple, smartboardsec3-1, tangentline

3.2 calc I mar-04-09.pdf, calc I mar-4-09.notebook

calcI 10-24-08.notebook,CalcI 10-24-08.pdf, calcI 10-25-06.notebook, calcI 10-25-06.pdf (for examples see fall 2006 3.2 notes combined with 3.1 above)calc03-01-05.pdf, combo03-01-05.xbk, calc1/inclass demos/calc10-15-04.xbk, calc1/inclass demos/calc10-15-04.pdf,  (Note--use explorer for HMC, not netscape) HMC proof of product rule, HMC proof of quotient rule, VC product rule egs,  VC quotient rule egs,   differentiation rules on Maple, smartboardsec3_3

3.3 6th


calc I mar-06-09.pdf, calc I mar-6-09.notebook calc I mar-09-09.pdf, calc I mar-9-09.notebook (also see section 3.4 from the 5th edition)

calcI 10-29-08.notebook, calcI 10-29-08.pdf, calcI 10-27-08.notebook, CalcI 10-27-08.pdf, VC product rule egs,  VC quotient rule  Maple sec3-6 no,  Using Maple to solve trig equations, VC sin(x)/x, UBC derivative of sinx, smartboard sec3_4

3.4 6th ed calc I mar-10-09.notebook, calc I mar-10-09.pdf,   calc I mar-11-09.notebook, calc I mar-11-09.pdf, (also see 3.5 from the 5th edition)

calcI 10-29-08.notebook, calcI 10-29-08.pdf, calcI 10-31-08.notebook, CalcI 10-31-08.pdf, VC chainrule

3.5 6th ed calc I mar-13-09.notebook, calc I mar-13-09.pdf (See also 3.6 from the 5th edition)

Maple eg 3-5 no, calcI 11-3-08.notebook, CalcI 11-3-08.pdf, VC implicit diff drill, VC tanlines drill, VC inverse functs, VC inverse trig functs, implicit functions on Maple, More (very cool) implicit functs on Maple

3.6 6th ed calc I mar-23-09.notebook, calc I mar-23-09.pdf, (see also 3.8 from 5th edition)

calcI 11-5-08.notebook, CalcI 11-5-08.pdfcalcI 11-4-08.notebook, CalcI 11-4-08.pdf VC log diff drill

3.7 and 3.8 6th ed

Maple 3-7 no, calcI 11-7-08.notebook, CalcI 11-7-08.pdf, Maple fish example

(see also 3.3 from 5th edition)

3.9 6th ed

calcI 11-10-08.notebook, CalcI 11-10-08.pdf, calcI 11-11-08.notebook, CalcI 11-11-08.pdf

 related rates tutorial, related rates steps (powerpoint),

(see also 3.10 from the 5th edition)

3.11 6th ed

calc I mar-27-09.notebook, calc I mar-27-09.pdf


calcI 11-10-08.notebook, CalcI 11-10-08.pdf

hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions,

(see also 3.9 from the 5th edition)

3.3  5th ed. calcI 10-30-06.notebook, calcI 10-30-06.pdf,calc03-02-05.pdf, calc03-02-05.xbk, calc10-20-04.pdf, calc10-20-04.xbk, calc10-18-04.pdf, calc10-18-04.xbk,   Maple example of exponential yeast growth,  exponential growth and decay on Maple, science egs (optional), sec3_3no21.mws, smartboardsec3-3a, sec3-3no21onMaple.mws (see section 3-4 smartboard also)
9.4 exponential growth and decay  (see section 3-4 smartboard also)
3.4  5th


calcI11-01-06.notebook, calcI11-01-06.pdf

calc03-04-05.pdf, calc03-04-05.xbk, calc10-25-04.pdf, Maple sec3-6 no,  Using Maple to solve trig equations, VC sin(x)/x, UBC derivative of sinx, smartboard sec3_4

3.5  5th ed  calcI 11-03-06.notebook, calcI 11-03-06.pdf, calc03-07-05.pdf, calc03-07-05.xbk, calc10-27-04.pdf , calc10-27-04.xbk  VC chainrule, smartboard sec 3_5
3.6 5th ed calcI 11-07-06.notebook, calcI 11-07-06.pdf, calcI 11-06-06.notebook, calcI 11-06-06.pdf

calc03-09-05.pdf,calc03-09-05.xbk,sec3-6 no,sec3-6 no, sec3-6 no, sec3-6 no , calc11-1-04.pdf, calc11-1-04.xbk, calc10-29-04.pdf, calc10-29-04.xbk,   VC implicit diff drill, VC tanlines drill, VC inverse functs, VC inverse trig functs, implicit functions on Maple, More (very cool) implicit functs on Maple (also see smartboard sec 3-5) smartboardsec 3-6

3.7 5th ed calcI 11-08-06.notebook, calcI 11-08-06.pdf

calc03-11-05.pdf,calc03-11-05.xbk,calc11-3-04.pdfcalc11-3-04.xbkcalc03-21-05.pdf, calc03-21-05.xbksecond verse, same as the first, a little bit louder, a little bit worse....first second deriv graphs, calc1/inclass demos/section 3-7.mws, smartboardsec 3-7

3.8 5th ed calc03-22-05.xbk, calc03-22-05.pdfcalc11-5-04.pdf, calc11-5-04.xbkVC log diff drill smartboard sec3-8
3.9 hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, smartboard sec 3-9
3.10 calcI 11-13-06.notebook, calcI 11-13-06.pdf, calcI 11-10-06.notebook, calcI 11-10-06.pdf

calc03-23-05.pdf, calc03-23-05.xbk, calc11-8-04.xbk, calc11-8-4.pdfrelated rates tutorial, related rates steps (powerpoint), smartboard sec 3-10

3.11 HMC linear appx,  VC linear appx for no. 13,


Chapt. 4
4.1 calc I mar-31-09.notebook, calc I mar-31-09.pdf, calc I apr-1-09.notebook, calc I apr-1-09.pdf

calcI 11-12-08.notebook, CalcI 11-12-08.pdf, calc03-29-05.pdf, calc03-29-05.xbkcalc03-28-05.pdf, calc03-28-05.xbk cacl11-10-04.pdf, calc11-10-04.xbk Maple sec4-1 no, VC max/min defn vc max/min on closed intervals, vc max/min drill

4.2 calc I apr-3-09.notebook, calc I apr-3-09.pdf, calc I apr-6-09.notebook, calc I apr-6-09.pdf

calcI 11-17-08.notebook, CalcI 11-17-08.pdf, calcI 11-28-06.notebook, calcI 11-28-06.pdf, calcI 11-20-06.notebook, calcI 11-20-06.pdf, calcI 11-17-06.notebook, calcI 11-17-06.pdf, calc03-30-05.pdf, calc03-30-05.xbk, calc11-12-04.pdf,calc11-12-04.xbkVC Rolles and MVT,   VC MVT drill, smartboardsec4-2 (also egs from 3/10 and 4.1)

4.3 calc I apr-8-09.notebook, calc I apr-8-09.pdf

calcI 11-21-08.notebook, CalcI 11-21-08.pdfcalcI 11-19-08.notebook, CalcI 11-19-08.pdf, calcI 11-27-06.notebook, calcI 11-27-06.pdf, calcI 11-21-06.pdf, calcI 11-21-06.notebook, calc04-06-05.pdf, calc04-06-05.xbk, calc04-01-05.pdf, calc04-01-05.xbk Maple sec4-3 no calc11-15-04.pdf,mcalc11-15-04.xbk, VC inc_dec proof (at bottom), VC 1st deriv test and drill (at bottom), VC 2nd derivative, quiz 1 (Note--include  endpoints for inc/dec and questions about f' or f'' pos/neg, and global extremes.  Do not include endpoints for local extremes.  Also, on #7 there as asymptotes at C and E so the function and its derivatives do not exists there, also skip the 9th one since it has a confusing wrong answer given), quiz 3, sec4-3.nbk, sec4-3, sec4-3a, sec4-3egs

4.4 calc I apr-15-09.notebook, calc I apr-15-09.pdf, calc I apr-17-09.notebook, calc I apr-17-09.pdf

calcI 11-29-06.pdf, calcI 11-29-06.notebook, calcI 11-24-08.notebook, CalcI 11-24-08.pdf, calc04-05-05.pdf, calc04-05-05.xbk calc04-04-04.xbk calc04-04-05.pdf, calc11-19-04a.pdf, calc11-19-04a.xbk, Capbri Lhopitals rule Cabri Lhopitals rule applet HMC Lhopitals rule, VC Lhopital drill VC Lhopital drill inf limits weird forms where Lhopitals rule works (a little hard to read) Maple sec4-4no69.mws, sec4-4

4.5 calcI 11-25-08.notebook, CalcI 11-25-08.pdf, sec 4-5 slant

calcI 12-04-06.notebook, calcI 12-04-06.pdf,, calc11-19-04b.pdf, calc11-19-04b.xbk,  three detailed examples

4.6 do on maple together in class graphing on Maple 1 (NOTE:  The curve analysis tutor under the tools menu in Maple does exactly what the shape_plot program in this worksheet does, and is a lot easier to use--please USE IT) graphing on Maple 2  Maple sec4-6no4.mws
4.7 calc04-13-05.pdf, calc04-13-05.xbk, Optimization steps (powerpoint). VC Java applets:  inscribed rectangle, ladder corner, walk drive in desertladder with fence.  Doing it on Maple (note--you would not be expected to generate the diagrams on maple, just the manipulations of the functions): maxmin on Maple, maxmin on Maple 2, maxmin on Maple 3 smartboardsec4-7
4.8 Newton's Method AppletNewton's method algebraically, pathological example
4.9 calcI 12-1-08.notebook, CalcI 12-1-08.pdf, calcI 12-2-08.notebook, CalcI 12-2-08.pdf

calc04-18-05.pdf, calc04-18-05.xbk, sec 4-5 no, calc04-15-05.pdf, calc04-15-05.xbkMaple direction, maplesec 4-10 direction fields,  VC antiderivatives (use explorer), VC slope fields (use netscape), chpt 4 chals



Chapter 5
5.1 calcI 12-3-08.notebook, CalcI 12-3-08.pdf

calcI 12-05-06.notebook, calcI 12-05-06.pdf, calc04-20-05.pdf, calc04-20-05.xbk, calc04-19-05.pdf, calc04-19-05.xbk,    VC approximation of areas smartboard sec5_1no20

5.2 calc I apr-28-09.notebook, calc I apr-28-09.pdf

calcI 12-5-08.notebook, CalcI 12-5-08.pdf, calc04-27-05.pdf, calc04-27-05.xbk, calc04-26-05.xbkcalc04-26-05.pdfcalc04-25-05.pdf, calc04-25-05.xbk, VC summations, VC Reimann sums, ExploreLearning appletVC definite integrals, Reimann sum applet, smartboard sec5_2

5.3 calcI 12-8-08.notebook, CalcI 12-8-08.pdf (see 5.5 for proof of fundamental theorem)

calcI 12-06-06.pdf, calcI 12-06-06.notebook, calc05-03-05.pdf, calc05-03-05.xbk, calc-05-02-05.xbk,calc05-02-05.pdf, calc04-29-05.pdf, calc4-29-05.xbk, calc12-08-04.pdf, calc12-08-04.xbk, chpt 5 challenge.mwVC fundamental theorem of calculus smartboard sec5-3

5.4 calc12-10-04.xbk calc12-10-04.pdf, calc12-06-04.pdf,  calc12-06-04.xbk VC definite integrals drill
5.5 calc I may-01-09.pdf, calc I may-1-09.notebook

calcI 12-10-08.notebook, CalcI 12-10-08.pdfcalcI 12-9-08.notebook, CalcI 12-9-08.pdf, calc05-06-05.pdf, calc05-06-05.xbk, calc05-04-05.pdf, calc05-04-05.xbkVC chain rule smartboardsec5_5

5.6 redefine ln(x) smartboardsec5_6, smartboard examplessec5-6
9.4 exponential growth and decay




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