Maple Labs

To run Maple 9.5 on the computers in the labs, click on the Start button in the lower left corner

     of the screen, move up to Programs, over to Course Applications, and over to Maple 9.5.

[Click here for info on using Maple from your room]

You may order a personal copy of Maple 9.5 at a discounted price of $75 if you wish:  Secure ordering address: NEW Promotion Code: AD7229 Course Name: Math 109 Ellis-Monag

Students may work together on Maple labs by consulting with each other and by comparing  their input and results.  However, each student must enter the Maple commands for his or her lab independently, and each student must submit an individual lab.  Do NOT share files--replicated files will not recieve credit!

bulletLab 1 (due 1/24/05)  calc1/maple labs/lab 1  (Maple help session in JEM 142 Thursday, January 20,  from 6:30-7:30 pm)
bulletLab 2 (due  2/14/05 ) calc1/maple labs/lab 2
bulletLab 3 (due 3/23/05) calc1/maple labs/lab 3
bulletLab 4  (done in challenge probs, so won't be collected. It has good sample problems, so use as a resource for homework problems) calc1/maple labs/lab 4
bulletLab 5 (Newton's method--skip for now)
bulletLab 6 (due 4/15/05) calc1/maple labs/lab 6
bulletLab 7  (due 5/2/05) calc1/maple labs/lab 7


The Maple Student Center has a lot of good material, tutorials, and examples. In fact, many of the class demos come from here.  Visit often!