Study drills



antiderivatives with initial values.

VC Lhopital drill

VC Lhopital drill inf limits,

quiz 1, (Note--include  endpoints for inc/dec and questions about f' or f'' pos/neg, and global extremes.  Do not include endpoints for local extremes.  Also, on #7 there are asymptotes at C and E so the function and its derivatives do not exists there, also skip the 9th one since it has a confusing wrong answer given),

quiz 3 

VC 1st deriv test drill

VC MVT drill

vc max/min drill 


Also do the examples in the inclass demos that will generate different problems for you, for example at the bottom of , and 

These are good for practicing using the limit definition to find the derivative.

Here are some good practice finding tangent lines and using the product and quotient rules with the trig functions.

VC tanlines drill,

VC product rule egs, 

VC quotient rule egs, .

Some other good study problems: