Topics in Combinatorics  (UVM Math 373)

Jo's dates:  Sept 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25

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9/19 Here is a very useful graph theory site:  Graph Theory Resources
9/9 Postscript files of my papers are now availabe.  click here  WB01703_.gif (578 bytes)  to go there....
9/4 I got copies of the Brylawski and Oxley paper that you can get by coming by my office.  I will try to put postscript files for my papers on my web page as soon as possible.
8/25 This site will be under construction until Sept. 13 (and probably after as well...), so don't obsess about it.
8/25 It would be a very good idea to get the pertinent papers ASAP, especially since some (Brylawski & Oxley in particular) may need to be requested on interlibrary loan.  You definitely want these papers in hand by Sept. 13.  No, you don't have to read them all, but they contain definitions and examples and will be a helpful resource in a course without a text book....
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