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Spring 2005

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5/9/06 Final grades have been posted.  A couple notes:
  • extra credit for the Ron Graham talk was in the form of 10 points on the inclass midterm since that is where it did the most good.
  • Homeworks and study guides may be picked up from the dept. secretary in STE 207 until 3:00 pm on Wednesday, after which they will be put in your mail box.  Since they don't have postage on them they will not be forwarded, so be sure to get them before you leave!
  • NO additional work/revisions may be turned in since grades are complete, however, please let me know ASAP if you see a misreported grade on the grade sheet.

Have a GREAT summer--and continue to think creatively about this stuff!


5/8/06 The wonderful folks at IT were able to recover my data, including the most recent grades, so you do not need to bring in your recent work.  HOWEVER, I will shortly post updated grades, and I do ask you to check them very carefully for accuracy, and if you notice any discrepancy, please bring me the graded work, and I will make any necessary corrections ASAP.
5/5/06 There is a stack of papers in the folder-holder outside my office-- please come by and pick yours up.  On group projects, if you turn in at least the rough draft, that is worth most of the credit.  Final drafts can be turned in as late as the start of the final exam (but no later, since I have to get the grades in right after the exam).
4/19/06 Here are the slides from the scheduling talk:   Sports Scheduling PowerPoint
4/12/06 REMINDER--On Wednesday, April 19th, class will meet in the Farrell room in St. Eds for the following presentation on sports scheduling: 

Number theory/abs-SMC-01b.pdf

2/22/06 Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference information.  Please let me know ASAP if you are thinking of giving a talk.  The deadline is friday!

1/11/06 You may order a personal copy of Maple 10 at a discounted price of $75 if you wish:  Secure ordering address: Promotion Code: AP9633U


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The Student Resource Center runs excellent workshops every semester on study skills, time management, test-taking techniques, etc.  For details: SRC study skills  


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