We will be working on may of the text problems collaboratively, usually starting the work in class and continuing on your own out of class.  For each problem assign:


What to turn in:  First turn in both sets of the working notes and first draft of your solution (with the names of the people who prepared them) to me ASAP (in the folderholder outside my office if I am not in).  I will check it over and let you know if you are ready to work on the final draft.  Remember that you must include follow up questions and attempts at solving them.  You should have something by the second class period after starting the problem.

Then have someone write up the a BEAUTIFUL final draft.  Use unlined white paper (slide a sheet of lined paper underneath to help you write neatly) and dark pencil.  Whoever is presenting should go over this carefully.  The next class period, the problem will be presented to the rest of the class.  Turn in the working notes, first draft, and final draft (with names of who did what) to me at that time.  I will have the final draft scanned and posted to the website as soon as possible.