SmartBoard Class Notes

 NOTE:  You should be able to open the  pdf files just by clicking on them, but they can't be edited.  For the smartboard files (the xbk files), you will need to save them somewhere and then open them. These files can be edited as you want, but you will need the smartboard software to do so.  SmartBoard software can be downloaded free at (look to the lower left for the quick links for downloads).

NTetiquette.xbk,  NT etiquette.pdf

Chapter Smartboard notes Exercise Write-ups

nt1-16-06.pdf, nt1-16-06.xbk,

nt1-18-06.pdf, nt1-18-06.xbk,

nt1-20-06.pdf, nt1-20-06.xbk,

nt1-23-06.pdf, nt1-23-06.xbk,

nt2-3-06.pdf, nt2-3-06.xbk,

1-Triangles A.pdf, 1-Triangles B.pdf, 1-Triangles C.pdf, 1-Triangles D.pdf

1-1C.pdf, 1-1D.pdf,


2 nt3-1-06.pdf, nt3-1-06.xbk, nt1-25-06.pdf, nt1-25-06.xbk, NT1-27-06.pdf, nt1-27-06.xbk, nt1-30-06.pdf, nt1-30-06.xbk, nt2-5-06prob.pdf, nt2-5-06prob.xbk, nt2-5-06.pdf, nt2-5-06.xbk, nt2-15-06.pdf, nt2-15-06.xbk, nt2-17-06.pdf, nt2-17-06.xbk 2-1A.pdf2-7B.pdf,

2-6C.pdf, 2-5D.pdf

3 nt2-8-06.pdf, nt2-8-06.xbk, /nt2-10-06.pdf, nt2-10-06.xbk group:  All 3.1 due 2/17/06

3-1A.pdf, 3-1B.pdf, 3-1C.pdf, 3-1D.pdf


individual 3.3 due 2/15/06

4 read at your leisure  
5 nt2-22-06.pdf, nt2-22-06.xbk


group:  A,C--5.4 ;  B, D--5.5.  Due 3/3/06

5-4A.pdf, 5-5B, 5-4C.pdf, 5-5D.doc,

Number theory/class notes/AB5-4.pdf

Number theory/class notes/AB5-4.xbk

individual:  5.1, and check work on Maple.  Due 3/1/06.


6 nt3-20-06.pdf, nt3-20-06.xbk

nt3-22-06.pdf, /nt3-22-06.xbk

nt3-27-06.pdf, nt3-27-06.xbk



group:  All 6.6.  Due 4/3/06

6-6A.pdf, 6-6B.pdf, 6-6C.pdf, 6-6D.pdf

individual:  6.1, 6.5  (check work for both on Maple).  Due 3/27/06.

7 nt3-29-06.pdf, nt3-29-06.xbk

nt4-03-06.pdf, nt4-03-06.xbk

nt4-5-06.pdf, nt4-5-06.xbk

nt4-7-06.pdf, nt4-7-06.xbk

group:  A--7.3a, 7.4;  B--7.3b, 7.5; C--7.3c, 7.4;  D--7.3d, 7.5. Due 4/14/06

7-4A.pdf7-5B.pdf, 7-5Bx.pdf7-5D.pdf

individual: 7.1, 7.2.  Due 4/14/06

8 nt4-10-06.pdf, nt4-10-06.xbk group:  A--8.3, B--8.5, C--8.6, D--8.2.  Due. 4/26/06.

8-3A.pdf, 8-5B.pdf8-6C.pdf ,8-2D.pdf,




individual: 8.1. Due 4/24/06

9 nt4-26-06.pdfnt4-26-06.xbk


group:  all groups--9.2, Wednesday, May 3.

individual:  9.1, 9.4b, Friday, April 28.


10 nt4-28-06.xbk group:  A,B--10.1,  C,D--10.3  Friday, May 5.

individual:  10.2 due Friday, May 5.

11 Number theory/class notes/nt5-5-06.pdf

Number theory/class notes/nt5-5-06.xbk


individual:  11.1.  Friday, May 5.