Ron Graham Paper Guidelines

You need to choose and research some topic suggested by Ron Graham's visit.  This means researching and writing a 6-8 page paper, with emphasis on the mathematics (no more than a paragraph or two of historical background for example).   Use the guidelines below:

  1. Prepare the paper in Word using MathType and drawing toolbar.  Use Mathtype for all mathematical symbols, and be sure to italicize variables.

  2. The paper must be properly referenced. The form I prefer is a complete numbered bibliography at the end, and references in the text in the form ([12], page 234).  Internet resources must be used with caution and must be properly documented.

  3. Include a title page.

  4. Provide an abstract (300 words or less)

  5. Include footers with the title, your name, and page x of y.

  6. Both right and left justify the margins.

  7. This is a mathematics paper, so use mathematical syntax such as the word “theorem”, followed by the statement of the theorem, followed by the proof.  Model your paper on the papers you read in your research.  Think about the structure of these papers as well as their content.


One of the deciding factors between an adequate paper and an excellent paper is the inclusion of actual worked examples, proofs, or formulas, and your  demonstrated understanding of them.   (It is usually better to choose something small and straight-forward and understand/explain it well, e.g. just one small example of an idea).