Pre-Registration Check List

This checklist is to help you prepare for your pre-registration advising appointment (there is a sign-up schedule posted on my office door for you to make your appointment).  Please bring the following with you to your appointment.  If you are not able to fill out any of the planners, please send me an email describing your concern.


1.  Writing materials and a current SMC catalog.

2. A current transcript (from KnightVision)

3. A program evaluation (from KnightVision), using your choice of major.

4. A check list of the courses required for your major, with what semester you have or will (particularly when you will) take which courses.

5.  The Preliminary Course Selection, filled out.  Note:  3 courses/semester is considered full-time.  A standard course load 4 courses/semester.  You need to average 8 credits/year to fulfill the graduation requirement .  You must have special permission and meet certain gpa requirements to take 5 courses/semester.  There is a surcharge for a 5th course.

6.  A Weekly Class Schedule, filled out, for your 1st and 2nd choices of courses.

7.  A rough estimate of which courses you will take which semester from now until graduation, and a check that these will fulfill your graduation requirement (check this against your program evaluation from Knight Vision).